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  December 30th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Lots of additional images from public appearances in 2012 have been added to complete this year’s galleries. The new addtions include mostly the early year’s promotion for “The Iron Lady”, including the London and Paris premieres and the Berlin Film Festival. Then, there’s more from the BAFTAs and Academy Awards as well as the “Hope Springs” premiere up to the more recent Kennedy Center Honors. Click the previews below to launch all latest additions.

Also added have been three new flipbooks (with more in the works). The first focuses on Considered Projects – the films that Meryl planned to do or was considered for (I’m sure there’ll be some surprises). Then, two flipbooks on Meryl’s singing – on film and in real life. Enjoy – and Happy New Year!

  • zabrina

    Whatta great compilation! Looking forward for more this 2013… Love it…Thanks Fred! Happy New Year Streepers and Strummers…


  • Luz

    Thankyou Simply Streep for bringing us this wonderful new section the Flipbook with all it´s cathegories, marvelous job, I´ve enjoyed so much.

    How could we ever imagine such things as we have discovered there.

    As in the leading men concerns me I think the ones that Meryl has had most chemistry in are with Robert De Niro in Falling in Love, Alec Balwin in It´s Complicated and with Jack Nickolson in Heartburn it was cutting edge. Oh by the way, there was nothing about Tomy Lee Jones in Hope Springs, which I recently saw, it was really good too

  • Sonja

    Happy New Year!

    I like that pic from the Oscars where she leaves the stage.
    You can see what she’s thinking:
    “My god… I won…. I REALLY won! No more waiting!”

    Yeah, I really believe she thought that.

    BTW an interesting idea for a flipbook could be about the real women she has played in biopics, including characters like Suzanne Vale or Miranda Priestly who were at least based on real persons. A short biography could be nice. 8)

    Anyway, thanks for all the amazing work you do here, Frederick!

  • Manuel

    Happy New Year, Frederik, you’re truly a devoted fan. The “dropped projects” flipbook was very interesting, and these final lines – “Eventually, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis were cast, Streep and Hawn found eternal youth in “Death Becomes Her” and Hunter and McDormand won Oscars for The Piano and Fargo.” – made me laugh a lot; keep writing! :)

  • Nancy

    Thank you Frederick. Happy New Year!

  • Frédérique971

    Thank you Frederick for this website, you do an amazing work. I follow you since 2010 and I’m not disappointed.
    I hope 2013 will be marvelous like 2012.

  • Saskia

    coool – you did the singing flipbooks i suggested :-). enjoyed reading it so much. thankyou !