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  March 29th, 2013       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

The cast for “The Homesman” is getting more crowded. According to The Hollywood Reporter, James Spader and John Lithgow have joined the Tommy Lee Jones film. Jones co-wrote the script and is directing the movie, assembling a cast that includes Hilary Swank, Tim Blake Nelson and Meryl Streep. Set in 1855 Nebraska, the story tells of a frontier woman and a claim jumper who ferry a wagonload of women, driven insane by the harsh world of the frontier, eastward to Iowa and back to the civilized world. While details of Spader’s role are being played close to the vest, it is known he will play a swindler. The movie, being financed and co-produced by EuropaCorp, is due to shoot this spring in New Mexico. Lithgow and Streep has been frequent collaborators on the stage in the 1970s, starring in “Trelawny of the Wells”, “Secret Service” and “A Memory of Two Mondays”, but “The Homesman” will mark their first film project together.

  • petunia

    Expecting the better for this production. Really hope to see Tommy Lee Jones directing and Meryl reuniting with old colleagues

  • LB

    Looks like Meryl’s part won’t be a big one, if the movie follows the book. She will playing the part of the church lady that Briggs (Jones) and Mary Bee Cuddy (Swank) are taking the insane women to in Hebron. I wonder if John Lithgow will be playing her husband, the Reverend Carter? Kind of bummed out about this…I was hoping Meryl would be playing one of the insane ladies and we would see her and Jones on the screen together again. I think they had real good chemistry in Hope Springs and was hoping we would get to see it again in this movie. :(

  • Mary

    OK I read that Altha Carter is the minister’s wife and this character appears in only one very short scene. Disappointed if that is true.

  • Mary

    Just saw on the imdb website that Meryl Streep will play Altha Carter in The Homesman. I haven’t found anything about who this character is.

  • Frederik

    @ Maya: Grace Gummer has been mentioned to be part of the cast as well. @ Mary: So far there has been no information on which character Meryl will play.

  • Maya

    On Grace’s IMDB page it says that she’s also in the movie. Is this true?

  • Mary

    Liking this cast being put together. Anyone know for sure what Streep’s role is going to be? I keep reading Swank is the frontier woman. From what I understand the 4 insane women in the book range in ages from 19 to 43.