Simply Streep is your premiere source on Meryl Streep's work on film, television and in the theatre - a career that has won her three Academy Awards and the praise to be one of the world's greatest working actresses. Created in 1999, we have built an extensive collection to discover Miss Streep's work through an archive of press articles, photos and video clips. Enjoy your stay.
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As you might have noticed, it’s running slow these days regarding Meryl news. Which leaves some time to focus on the site’s various subpages. To start with articles and interviews, over 100 new scans in the image library. To view all latest pictures, click any of the previews below. A complete list can be found below. My thanks to those who have contributed the scans to the Simply Streep archive, it’s very appreciated. For new transcripts and archive additions, scroll a bit more down :-)

Rivista del Cinematografo (Italy, January 2013)
Hello Magazine (Poland, May 2012)
Viva Magazine (Poland, March 2012)
Twoj Styl (Poland, March 2012)
Gala Magazine (Poland, March 2012)
Contigo Magazine (Brasil, February 2012)
Kino Magazine (Poland, February 2012)
Show Magazine (Poland, January 2012)
50 & Piu (Italy, December 2009)
The Independent (UK, December 2009)
Soendag (Netherlands, November 2009)
American Cinematographer (USA, August 2009)
Psychologies Magazine (USA, April 2009)
Felderhof Magazine (Netherlands, March 2009)
Speak Up (Brasil, February 2009)
Rivista del Cinematografo (Italy, February 2009)
Le Semaine (France, September 2008)
Rivista del Cinematografo (Italy, September 2008)
Rivista del Cinematografo (Italy, June 2006)
Daily Variety (USA, June 2004)
Io Donna (Italy, March 2003)
Studio Kro Magazine (Netherlands, June 2000)
Sunday Mirror Magazine (UK, January 1995)
Hoerzu (Germany, January 1995)
Hoerzu (Germany, November 1991)
Inquirer (USA, March 1991)
Venice Magazine (USA, January 1991)
Los Angeles Magazine (USA, September 1990)
Hoerzu (Germany, April 1990)
Telerama(France, May 1985)
Observer Magazine (UK, November 1981)
Parade Magazine (USA, September 1979)

Additionally, ten article transcripts have been added to the magazine archive. There’s also the option to sort articles by cover-story, which makes it easier if you’re looking for a specific update. Enjoy reading.

12.2011 The Telegraph Bringing the Iron Lady to the big screen
12.2011 The Washington Post Meryl Streep: A life beyond reproach
09.1998 The Morning Call An Attraction For Opposites
09.1998 The Philadelphia Inquirer Streep Savvy
02.1997 The Morning Call The Amazing Meryl Streep
09.1994 The Morning Call The Daredevil Made Her Do It
08.1992 The Morning Call Streep Takes Comedy Role Seriously
09.1990 The Morning Call Would The Real Meryl Streep Please Come Forward?
06.1989 The Philadelphia Inquirer The Many Faces of Meryl Streep
07.1986 The Philadelphia Inquirer Meryl Streep Takes Heart With Comedy