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Jul 21

While Simply Streep isn’t using Facebook or any of the countless social media features, I do have a Twitter account for the site which I find very handy. A predecessor for the good old newsletter (a feature on fansites that didn’t survive the time of social media), you get an instant notification on last updates and news. From today, a new feature will be launched for Twitter followers – the Gallery of the Week and the Video of the Week. Once a week, usually on Sundays, a spotlight will be posted for a gallery album – may it be a public appearance, a set of film stills or magazine scans. Since the image library has been growing over the years with over 100.000 pictures, I’m sure there are parts of the gallery that some visitors have never seen. It also gives me the chance to add some new pictures or update them in better quality. Ditto for the video archive, with a link being posted sometime during the week. So in case you’re not following Simply Streep on Twitter, make sure to join. The first Gallery of the Week has been chosen already.