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A real treat has been added to the gallery – one of the first major articles on Meryl’s career by the New York Times Magazine, dated February 4, 1979. This has been just after the release of “The Deer Hunter”, for which Meryl received her first ever Oscar nomination, and still almost a year ahead of the theatrical release of “Kramer vs. Kramer”. The scans have been submitted by Alvaro with many many thanks!

Additionally to the scans, transcripts from older articles have been added to the magazines archive as well. They range from as early as 1976, covering Meryl’s rise on the New York stages, to 1998 and the release of “One True Thing”. My thanks to Paul for contributing them. Enjoy reading.

Magazines – 1998 – The Associated Press (September 17, 1998)
Magazines – 1998 – The Orange County Register (December 08, 1989)
Magazines – 1996 – The Washington Post (August 10, 1986)
Magazines – 1981 – Syracuse Post Standard (October 31, 1981)
Magazines – 1981 – The Los Angeles Times (September 19, 1981)
Magazines – 1980 – Parade Magazine (July 20, 1980)
Magazines – 1979 – Parade Magazine (September 09, 1979)
Magazines – 1979 – The New York Times Magazine (February 04, 1979)
Magazines – 1977 – The Alton Telegraph (March 27, 1977)
Magazines – 1976 – Syracuse Herald-Journal (July 30, 1976)