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Steven Spielberg's new film starring Meryl Streep
and Tom Hanks hits US theaters on December 22 2017.
  April 8th, 2014       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

“August: Osage County” has been released on DVD and Blu-Ray today in the USA. If you haven’t seen it yet, or want to revisit Meryl’s latest Oscar-nominated performance, be sure to grab your copy. Screencaptures from the Blu-Ray have been added to the image library with many thanks to Lindsey.

  • Mary

    Loved this movie. Saw it 6 times in the theater and purchased DVD today. I agree with Sonja’s comment about not knowing what problems people had with this movie. I thought it was fantastic and great acting from all. Streep was beyond phenomenal!! If the Oscar’s were truly about awarding the real best and not about whose turn it is to win then she would have won.

  • Jane

    I agree, I also enjoyed the film and I was surprised that Violet’s character was much more nuanced than I expected from what I had read before. I didn’t despise her. In the end, when she was left alone, I just felt really sorry for her. You could sense how she had been mistreated by life and that she was in essence very vulnerable and craving for love.

  • Sonja

    I’ve seen it a few weeks ago (in a cinema).
    I really thought it was a fine ensemble film and by no means the freak show enough critics sugessted.
    Not even Violet Weston was that “Monster” I expected. She’s mean, without a doubt, but also a really broken character.
    When you hear how her mother treated her, you get the feeling why she got so bitter. The boots story is very nasty.
    I don’t know what problems people had with this film. I had none, but I admit also I have no idea of the original stage play, so there’s that.