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  August 14th, 2014       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Awardsdaily has the latest scoop on “Into the Woods”, according to Entertainment Weekly. In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, director Rob Marshall confirms he has cut the new Stephen Sondheim song which was written for Meryl Streep’s Witch from the final cut of Into The Woods. Last year, Streep revealed that Sondheim had written a new song for her character, “I have a new song that Sondheim wrote for me, so it’s all very, very. He gave me the manuscript of it and he wrote, ‘don’t f**k it up!’”

However, Marshall said the new song has ended up on the cutting room floor, saying, “We’ve been incredibly faithful to the original.” He promised people wouldn’t be disappointed and added, “I don’t think people will be remotely ready to hear her sing this material. The power from her is off the charts.” The song would have been eligible for Best Original Song at the Oscars. It will however feature all the classic songs including “Children Will Listen,” “Giants in the Sky,” “On the Steps of the Palace,” “No One Is Alone” and “Agony,” to name a few.

  • Sonja

    It’s very unfortunate to say Sondheim has written a new song especially for the witch and now they had to cut it.
    Though if actually that’s better for the original storyline that might guarantee a better reception for the movie then… okay, I guess.
    I do hope to hear the song maybe over the credits. If it’s played there the first, it can still be eligible for an original Song nomination. But we’ll see.
    I really want to hear it!

  • Jane

    Hm, a bit disappointed… It would be great if they still made it available, maybe on the DVD…

  • Louise Rasmussen

    how can they do that:-( we love to hear her sing

  • Dee

    Oh man!!! I was looking forward to hearing this song!! That’s too bad it was cut.

  • willa

    ty for the video uploads,continue updating us ty again

  • Liz

    This is VERY disappointing to me that they cut this song that was written for Streep. You know as hard as she worked that she worked on this for a very long time perfecting it.