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Dec 05

Hello and welcome to the latest version of Simply Streep. I have used most of this year’s unexpected free time to work behind the scenes and make the site easier to access with all the material we have been able to collect and archive over the years. I must say it doesn’t feel like I’m fullly done with all the new changes – but then, the site has never felt finished, it probably never will be. But I wanted to present you all the new look in time for next week’s releases of “Let Them All Talk” and “The Prom”. I have come close to present “the archives” in the best possible way to include all essential information on Meryl Streep’s work with easy-to-browse links to related articles and appearances. And there have been lots of additions to the career pages, with much new material to be added within the next updates. There are also many new articles waiting to be added, so look forward to more updates this weekend. Until then, enjoy your stay on the new and improved Simply Streep.