The Royal Pardon

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Venue: Yale Repertory Theatre
Directed by: Michael Feingold
Literature: John Arden and Margaretta D'Arcy
Costume Design: Tove Ahlback
Set Design: Zack Brown

After years of war, peace is to be reached between England and France, sealed by the marriage of the English prince (Albert Innaurato) and the French princess (Ruth Nerken). A company of actors are to be sent from England to Paris, to perform at a theatrical gala in celebration of the union. Croke's band of performers are carrying with them an ex-soldier Luke, on the run from the law. Circumstances twist, turn and contrive to place the soldier on the stage, with his new found beloved, where he must ad lib a play of great ingenuity to appease royalty, and the law's claim upon him.

Bob Nersesian (Luke), Ralph Redpath (Croke), Kate Stewart (Mrs. Croke), Meryl Streep (Esmeralda), Mark McCarthy (William), Mordecai Newman (Charles, the French Chef), Joseph Costa (Constable Hopkins), Robert Marx (Underconstable Higginbottom), Ken Reichley (Higginbottom Junior), Albert Innaurato (King of England, King of France), Robert Marx (Lord Chamberlain), Chrsistopher Durang (English Prince), Ruth Nerken (French Princess)