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Aug 06

As reported, Meryl attended yesterday’s “Apple Store SoHo: Meet the Filmmakers” panel on “Hope Springs”, alongside co-stars Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell, and director David Frankel. Pictures from the panel have been added to the image library (audio will be posted as it becomes available), and additional information from the event can be found below.

According to the Daily Mail, there is an old saying among luvvies that ‘the show must go on.’ And Meryl Streep obviously took heed, as she laughed off the pain of an injured hand to appear on a panel in New York to promote her latest film. Meryl, 63, turned up for the special event at the Soho Apple shop to promote the comedy drama with a white bandage over her hand, wrist and little finger. While cutting through an avocado the Iron Lady actress sliced open her hand, doing quite quite a bit of damage. A local doctor in Connecticut sewed it up, but then Streep headed back into New York for hand surgery. She told Showbiz 411: ‘They gave me an even bigger bandage, and of course I took it right off when I got home. ‘But now, I think I’ll put it back on.’ And despite the fact she is one of the most decorated actresses in history, she humbly revealed she was in awe of her co-star Tommy Lee Jones. She said: ‘Can you believe I waited so long to work with him? ‘He’s the go to guy on set. Everyone loves him. The complete article can be read Daily Mail.