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Aug 23

During its two weeks at the American box office, “Ricki and the Flash” has been a modest success, earning 17,3 million on its 18 million budget. The comedy will expand its run to most European countries during September. Critics have been favorable for the performances, but mixed on the rather predictable storyline. Variety wrote, that Streep’s character “compiles a wealth of impressive actorly attributes without ever really finding a center for the character. She brings plenty of salt, but not nearly enough grit.” Peter Travers wrote in Rolling Stone, “It’s a kick watching Meryl Streep rock out on guitar and vocals. Too bad the rest of the movie, with a script by Diablo Cody, is dime-a-dozen family soap opera.” And the New York Times concluded, “It’s not Mr. Demme’s fault that things didn’t quite work out that way. But “Ricki and the Flash” seems like a squandered opportunity for this humane, curious and liberal-minded filmmaker to reflect on some uncomfortable realities. This isn’t really rock ’n’ roll. It’s easy listening.” Have you seen “Ricki and the Flash”? Feel free to share your comments.