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Dec 14

If you have watched “Let Them All Talk” and “The Prom” back to back, you’ve been in for a treat, haven’t you? Ryan Murphy has put every bit of color, singing, glitter and joy into “The Prom” that “Let Them All Talk” has been missing (rightly so). While musicals are not my genre, it was impossible not to be charmed by Meryl Stree’s comedic timing and, of course, her singing, but we knew about that. Everybody in the cast seemed to have great fun, and it shows in the film. So, if you haven’t watched it yet – or didn’t rewatch it today – you’ll find it on Netflix. Once again, many thanks to Ali for the screencaptures. Please make sure to visit her Nicole Kidman fansite as well. Also, some very funny screencaptures from the making of have been added as well. Enjoy the updates.

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