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May 02

Here’s some positive news (in its very early stages) for all “Mamma Mia!” fans out there, according to Entertainment Weekly: Judy Craymer , the producer of Mamma Mia!, both the original stage production and two subsequent films, is committed to making a third movie and even has an idea for how to do it. “It’s in its earliest stages,” Craymer told Deadline of a potential three-quel. “There is a story there, and I do think Meryl should come back – and if the script is right, she would, I think, because she really loved playing Donna.” Craymer also told Deadline that her ideas for a third film include ways to bring back all of the fan favorite characters, including Streep’s Donna, who was deceased in the second film, and Cher’s Ruby. Craymer did, however, also note that there’s nothing “official” yet. A representative for Universal, which produced the previous two films, also told EW that there’s nothing to share at this moment. Part of this is because anything involving more Mamma Mia! must come with the blessing of Andersson and Ulvaeus. “We want to do another movie, and they’re [being cautious],” Craymer added. “But that’s the story of the last 25 years – there’s always a sense of caution from them, and we’re all getting older now. Obviously, anything to do with the music, they have to be okay with.” The first two films, 2008’s Mamma Mia! and 2018’s Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, were released ten years apart, so it could take a minute to pull all the pieces together.