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As Meryl didn’t appear in the last two episodes of “Only Murders in the Building”, we’re only three episodes away from the season finale – fingers crossed she’ll be seen in more than one of the remaining episodes. In the meantime, here’s an article on her turn as Loretta Durkin by The Atlantic, with many thanks to Glenn for the heads-up: Meryl Streep, who joined the show’s starry ensemble this season, just might be the most eccentric guest star yet. Her character, Loretta Durkin, is, unlike Streep, a struggling actress who has lived in the same shabby apartment for decades and finally gets a break by being cast in Death Rattle, a new show by Oliver, who is a theater director staging his Broadway comeback. In almost every scene in which she appears, Loretta is the picture of warmth: her hair in braids, a shawl or cardigan draped around her shoulders, looking the way she did as a little girl (as we see in flashbacks). The show has, in its latest episode, positioned her as its newest primary suspect in the murder of her castmate Ben (Paul Rudd). But Loretta is more than another potentially guilty party being played by a notable name. In Streep’s hands, she helps make Only Murders a show worth watching more closely, and not just for the slow drip of clues or the charm of its lead cast. The complete article can be read over at The Atlantic. A couple of new production stills from the previous episodes have been added as well.

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