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The Colors of Hope

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Release date: 1985
Directed by: David Grubin
Produced by: Amnesty International
Running time: 20 minutes

"The Colors of Hope", a 20-minute documentary produced by David Grubin for Amnesty International, about two young Argentines who were imprisoned for political activity. They now live in New York with their son, who was born in prison. Toward the end of his years of imprisonment, when conditions were eased slightly, Juan Carlos Rodriguez sent gayly colored drawings of children, animals and insects to little Patricio, and they are shown here, in witty animations by Maureen Selwood. They are truly colors of hope.

Production Notes

The interviews with Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez and their fifth grader, who now likes to be called Patrick, are done without superfluous tear-jerking. Meryl Streep, who narrates, gives several plugs to Amnesty International, which worked to free and unite the family – they are, according to the New York Times, a bit intrusive, but well deserved.