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Gente de Expressão

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Release date: August 21, 1993
Produced by: Rede Manchete de Televisão
Running time: 60 minutes

Gente de Expressão was a weekly programme in Brasil, running from 1993 to 1995, which featured interviews with actors and musicians. Interviewed by Bruna Lombardi, Meryl Streep was part of the series in 1993 for an hour-long interview on her career, her, the protection of her privacy, plastic surgery and her future (she was just about to start working on "The House of the Spirits"). Accompanied by film clips of her work, this is a really interesting interview as it goes beyond the usually question and answer junkets.

One of the many insightful notes in this interview is that Meryl co-wrote the screenplay with Carrie Fisher for “Postcards from the Edge”. While she mentions her pregnancy during the writing of the script, I guess she refers to her third child since her fourth was born a year after the film’s release.

It almost destroyed the friendship [with Carrie Fisher]. We wrote it in three weeks. And I was due to deliver my fourth child in three weeks. So we wrote it during the end of the pregnancy. I had an idea, and I couldn’t take my mind of the fact that I would be the mother of four and I couldn’t believe it. So it did take my mind of. And we had a wonderful time. Really effortless to write it. And then I had the baby, then we started on the re-write – and it was a nightmare. But it was fun. It was actually fun to be finally in control of what you say. Writing was easy in the beginning, it’s always hard when you have to make the second step, which is refining it and making it good.