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The Arts and Children: A Success Story

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Release date: 1996
Produced by: Goals 2000 Arts Education Partnership
Running time: 12 minutes

Introduced by Meryl Streep, "The Arts and Children: A Success Story" captures both the intrinsic value of studying the arts and their role in building the skills and commitment for mastering other school subjects. The video is accompanied by a working tool kit that includes reproducible handouts summarizing research and national policies, tips on how to use the video in a public awareness campaign. It's created for the Goals 2000 Arts Education Partnership, a national coalition of business, committed to maintaining arts education.

Hello, I’m Meryl Streep. The video you are about to see is about our children. And about the challenges that face them in school, life and work in today’s society. You’ll see evidence of powerful ways to help them meet those challenges – the Arts. Experts from business, science and the academic world discuss research that proves, young people who study the arts do better in every other phase of their lives. But the most eloquent voices are those of the students and their teachers. Listen to them, please.” Let’s join together to keep the arts strong in the lives of our children. It’s important for them and it’s important for us.