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In 2017, Meryl Streep's film career will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Prepare for many new specials and media.
  May 24th, 2010       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Meryl has attended yesterday’s Vassar College commencement. Pictures can be found in the Image Library with additional information below the previews.

Featured as commencement speaker was 1985 graduate Lisa Kudrow, who is also a college trustee. Kudrow told the graduates how she went from being a biology major to an actress. After graduating and doing research in her father’s headache clinic, she said, she found herself looking critically at how other actors and comedians approached their craft, and decided at 22 it was time to try her hand at acting. “I was also nervous about this career choice because I didn’t really care for actors,” Kudrow said. No one seemed to laugh more at that comment than Vassar alumna Meryl Streep, who was sitting with the other trustees.