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  September 13th, 2010       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

While there haven’t been any news on the reported Meryl Streep/Tina Fey collaboration in the Stanley Tucci directed “Mommy & Me” since the original announcement back in June (read here), Stanley Tucci has now talked a bit about the current development of the project in an interview with Collider. As of now, now script has been written. The part can be read below and after the cut.

ST: This movie I’m going to do next year if we get a script and get everything together with Tina Fey and Meryl Streep will be the first time I’ve ever directed a studio picture. So obviously there are going to have to be some adjustments on my part. But still, for the most part, it’s an intimate comedy.

Q: It’s a character-driven movie that the studios are going to make? It doesn’t seem like they’re making those movies anymore.

ST: They will now.

Q: Are you going to get that big black cloud that drops notes all over you and tells you how to make it?

ST: I hope not.

Q: So far the process has been good?

ST: Well we don’t have a script yet so, so far, it’s been great. I’m very excited about it and it’s a very funny premise. It’s called Mommy & Me.