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Florence Foster Jenkins didn’t make many recordings, but they had to be heard to be believed: “We heard them at drama school, when I was a student,” said Meryl Streep. “Yeah, it was pretty specifically great!” Streep plays Lady Florence, as she liked to be called, in the new film, “Florence Foster Jenkins,” about the amateur soprano often called the world’s worst opera singer. “Most of her notes,” as one critic put it, “were promissory.” Mason said, “So many of the great singers of her time are not remembered, but she is.” “Well, that’s a tragedy, actually!” Streep laughed. By the late 1930s, Florence’s performances were notorious. Mystifyingly, the society pages indulged her with glowing notices. “Madame Jenkins’ annual recitals,” the New York Daily Mirror wrote, “bring unbounded joy to the faded souls of Park Avenue and the musical elite.” Composer Cole Porter was a fan. And astonishingly, at the peak of her notoriety in 1944, Florence took the stage at Carnegie Hall and performed to a sold-out house. The full segment can be watched in the video archive with screencaptures being added to the photo gallery.

Yesterday, Meryl Streep, Hugh Grant and Simon Helberg have attended the New York press conference for “Florence Foster Jenkins”. The film, which has had a successful run in the United Kingdom back in May, will premiere in US theaters this August. Besides a couple of pictures, a full video from the press conference has been added as well. The video can be watched here. Also, a video transcript of the DGA Theater Q&A for “Florence Foster Jenkins” with Meryl Streep and William Ivey Long has been added as well. Edit: Pictures from the New York Screening and Q&A have been added, with many thanks to JustJared.

I’ve spent the week without an iternet connection, so most plans for “The Devil Wears Prada” related updates fell flat. But, as Miranda Priestly would have said, “Details of your incompetence do not interest me”. So, a nice btch of additional production stills and promotionals from the film have been added to the photo Gallery. Many thanks to Marci for helping me with this one.

This week, on June 30 to be exact, “The Devil Wears Prada” celebrates the 10th anniversary of its theatrical release. Yes, 10! Time goes by so fast. And of course time was different back then. I remember updating the film for Simply Streep and hating the idea of Meryl doing mainstream fashion fare. After all, she was just back in the spotlight with consecutive Golden Globe wins for “Adaptation” and “Angels in America” – it was “Arthouse Streep” in the early 2000s and I couldn’t understand why she would do such light material. Of course, this opinion has changed after seeing the film, and even more after it had such an impact on Streep’s career. “Prada” would become her first box-office hit in 20 years – a success she would repeat the following Summers with “Mamma Mia” and “Julie & Julia”. Even it’s still not among my favorite films, Streep’s success today as a leading is based on the success of “The Devil Wears Prada”. In celebration of the film, Simply Streep sports a new header with the main cast. The press coverage for the film has been chronicled in a new feature for the filmography section and many more additions will be added in the coming days. Lots of media outlets are paying tribute to the film with flashback videos and interviews, so be sure to check our Twitter for links. Finally, please share your thoughts in the comments: Did you watch “The Devil Wears Prada” in the theatre? What does the film mean to you?

Recorded in New York City over the summer of 2015, the Sachal Ensemble provided the traditional sounds of their home in Pakistan, presenting several traditional Folk and even some Pop melodies of the Southeastern subcontinent. Those songs were then transformed and woven into a larger, wider tapestry, connected to a number of well-known and recognizable classic Pop, Folk, Jazz and Blues songs from the American music canon and sung by many esteemed and successful artists from the Western hemisphere. The album features such musical luminaries as Wynton Marsalis, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Nels Cline of Wilco, Sean Lennon, Susan Tedeschi and Derek Trucks, Madeleine Peyroux and Meryl Streep reading a poem by 4-time Nobel Prize for Literature nominee, Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Produced by Grammy-winning producer Eli Wolf (Norah Jones, Al Green, Willie Nelson, Elvis Costello), Song of Lahore is not a soundtrack, but rather a tribute album to the film, continuing the message that through music, we find light in the darkness. The Song Of Lahore album is the sound of humanity at work. You can learn more about “Song of Lahore” at their official website and order it on Amazon or iTunes. Many thanks to Dominique for the heads-up.

Scan Sunday comes a day early this week. With many thanks to my friend Alvaro, pretty much all of the British print promotion for “Florence Foster Jenkins” has been added to the photo gallery. Updates include covers from the Sunday Times Culture, The Lady and Curzon as well as reviews from all the dailies (Express, Mail, Telegraph etc.) For a complete list of additions, have a look at the previews below. Many many thanks for these great contributions. Enjoy reading!

Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Empire Magazine (United Kingdom, June 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Sight & Sound (United Kingdom, June 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Curzon (United Kingdom, May 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Attitude (United Kingdom, Summer 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Radio Times (United Kingdom, May 07, 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – The Lady (United Kingdom, May 06, 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – The Daily Telegraph (United Kingdom, May 06, 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – The Guardian (United Kingdom, May 06, 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – The Daily Mail (United Kingdom, May 06, 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – The Times (United Kingdom, May 06, 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – i Newspaper (United Kingdom, May 06, 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – The Sun (United Kingdom, May 06, 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – The Daily Express (United Kingdom, May 06, 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Metro News (United Kingdom, May 04, 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Time Out London (United Kingdom, May 03, 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – The Lady (United Kingdom, April 29, 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Sunday Times Culture (United Kingdom, April 24, 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Speak Up (Spain, April 2016)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Time Out London (United Kingdom, April 19, 2016)

“Florence Foster Jenkins” releases in the United Kingdom today, so be sure to check out Meryl’s highly praised performance as the world’s worst opera singer if you can. With the film’s release, three new clips and a lenghty interview have been released and added to the video archive, alongside with many new production stills from the film.

According to The Wrap, Meryl Streep, Mel Brooks, Nicole Kidman and Zendaya will voice characters in the Weinstein Company’s upcoming animated movie “The Guardian Brothers.” TWC announced the cast on Friday, as well as its acquisition of the worldwide rights for the film previously distributed in China by Alibaba Pictures, under the title “The Little Door Gods.” The rights exclude China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. TWC plans to sell the film at Cannes Film Festival this year. “The Guardian Brothers” is about a Chinese family on the verge of losing their family business, a wonton soup shop. When the family’s grandmother passes away, the restaurant is left in the hands of Raindrop (Zendaya) and her mother (Kidman.) But millions of miles away, The Guardians have been looking over humans for centuries. Gary Wang directed the animated feature produced by Zhou Yu and Light Chaser Animation Studios.

A bunch of new production stills from the upcoming Florence Foster Jenkins have been added to the photo gallery, alongside a new poster from the UK. Enjoy.

Today, the US theatrical trailer for “Florence Foster Jenkins” has been launched, which is slightly different (and way more showy) than the previous British one. Also, you finally get a glimpse of Florence’s/Meryl’s voice. Be sure to check it out in the video archive. Also, Meryl has been interviewed on the British morning show “Lorraine”. Further, a second featurette on the film, as well as a television spot, have been added. Enjoy.

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