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In 2017, Meryl Streep's film career will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Prepare for many new specials and media.
  February 6th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Meryl is currently attending the 2012 Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon in Beverly Hills, California. A first batch of pictures has been added to the image library with more to come.

  • liezl

    I loved her in the Rome Film Festival when she wore that dress and she still looks beautiful in it now. I just cant help but gush

  • Charlie

    Meryl – you grow younger ever day!!! Gorgeous hair, make up, and dress is so flatering (I think is the same one worn at Rome Film Festival). AND you are next to Brad Pitt!!! Come on woman, you’re killing me! xx

  • Grace

    wow she looks soo pretty! it seems like she is just glowing all the time :)

  • Rebecca

    Meryl always looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  • Camila

    Wow she looks so gorgeous!