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  February 27th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

First of all, my apologies for not providing live coverage on the Academy Awards, but work schedules have prevented me from doing so. I hope you have all enjoyed the Oscars and I’ll be adding pictures and multimedia as we speak, so check back for more additions throughout the evening. About 400 pictures from the red carpet, the show and the press room and the after-parties have been added. More pictures – and video files – will be added tomorrow! Enjoy the new additions :-)

  • cida

    Meryl streep is the beeeeeeest

  • Poseidon

    CONGRATULATIONS to Goddess MERYL! (and to my favorite site SimplyStreep for the very good job all this time, it was so good to give us some pics and mini videos when we can’t wait for the opening of T.I.L.).
    All Meryl’s work is a Masterpiece! I see again and again all this years her astonishing roles in so many films. She deserve that 3rd many many years before (in Ironweed? Cry in the dark? Madison County? Adaptation? Prada? Doubt? and so many others…) and should win the 4rth now for her amazing work on “The Iron Lady”.
    And if she thinks that “…half America says: Oh Nooo” that night, all around the World we say (and shout!) a Big: YEEEESS! ;-))
    Kisses from Greece to all Streepers (happy for the “good luck” my country has give to Meryl by Colin Firth’s memories about “Mamma Mia” (We were in Greece etc ;-)
    LOVE you MERYL! As we Streepers know, you’re not the best of OUR time, but “Best of ALL time”!

  • Kilimandzara

    She is amazing!!! And finally Oscar went in the right hands!!!!

  • Carol

    I , like, everyone else, was ECSTATIC that Meryl received her THIRD OSCAR. So well deserved! The transformation of her into Margaret Thatcher was nothing short of brilliant! She is a class act! What a wonderful role model for the younger female actors. I love how she seems to have taken some of them under her wing. Her speech was so sincere and heartfelt. .. and as usual, funny! I think it speaks volumes of her values about family that she has been married to Don for all these years, and her children have never been in the news except for good things. It was nice that Colin Firth was the presenter! Can’t wait for the next two films! Bring them on!

  • May

    I would really love to know where i can watch the whole show? I missed it, and I’m dying to see it!!!!

    God! I’m so happy she won!!!

  • Yamilette Soto

    Ms. Streep, America didn’t said Oh, no, come on, why her again!!! We said, Congratulations!!! I was so so happy when I heard your name!!! I have been waiting for that for a long time, having dissapointment to dissapoinment every year when they did not give you the Oscar. You are the Greatest!!!

  • Lynette

    A well-deserved Oscar for the greatest actor of all time, she’s in a class of her own, right at the top.

  • Juli

    Does anyone know where can I watch the whole show? Because I missed it but I really want to see it :P

  • Maria

    Meryl Streep is the best actress because despite of all her fame and glory she has kept her feed on the ground. She knows what is really
    important in life- that´s friendship, love and joy.
    She is grateful and modest. For me that´s the most impressive thing! Everyone can learn from Meryl Streep! She is my role- model! :-)))CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • Marilda Navarro de Andrade de Magalhães

    Well deserved their victory, Mrs. Thatcher, or rather, Mrs. Meryl Streep … the interpretation is so perfect that it must be confused. Joking apart, congratulations for best actress for the consecration, which, to me, or did not need the Academy have done … you are the eternal Diva! Congrats, Meryl!

  • MC

    Streep is such an inspiration: her work ethic, her ambition, the way she presents herself with such grace and sincerity, the causes she stands for… oh and the acting ;).

    She is at the forefront of people who actually use their fame to make a positive difference in the world. After all it’s not about the fame and being the best, it’s about mastering one’s expertise and chosen profession, being all you can be, doing what you love and helping the world by being so passionate. She truly does this.

    She serves as an inspiration for people to work hard, apprectiate people and their goodness and to go and chase your goals and dreams.

  • Mamie, London

    Great, Great, Great …..many many many Congratulations ! Totally ans well-deserved on all fronts…

  • Mox

    She looked so stunning!!! Just… Gold Queen. And I’m looking forward to her new planning movie Mommy & Me… Can’t wait for some uploaded videos. :))

  • Daniel

    You portrayed a terrorist. Margaret Thatcher sanctioned the deaths of Irish Catholics in N. Ireland during her reign. The true terrorist was Thatcher and her Thug UDA soldiers. Shame on anyone who thinks Streep played a heroine !!

  • Natalie

    Man… I don’t believe my mind… Has this REALLY happened?!

    Meryl acually won?

    It ONLY took the bloody Academicians 30 years to understand who the best actress is)))))))

    Hm – that’s Americans… Need I say more?

  • Heather

    She is so beautiful in every way. Her acceptance speech was so heartfelt and moving, and she is a wonderful actress who thoroughly deserved the Oscar. She is just so lovely and amazing. This was her moment.

  • Angie

    Congratulations, Meryl Streep! You absolutely deserved it and the one-liner of your speech was hilarious.

  • Laura

    Meryl, goddess of stage and screen! So, so deserved!!
    And Frederik, you are doing a stellar job with this site, much appreciated :)

  • jacques

    You are the greatest film actress the world has ever known. With your metier, you should have won at least ten oscars! Your humility and nobility in accepting loss (14 times to actresses way below your par) is even more inspiring. What a beautiful human being you are. Congratulations! Fate has a way of recognizing its mishaps.

  • Gary R

    i was watching intently when Colin Firth presented the award for lead actress, i was silently praying while waiting for him to announce the winner – and literally, i jumped, pumped my fist and shouted a loud YES!!!

    im just so happy she won again, after a long time. i was in tears when she gave her thank you speech. she is simply moving!

    i so love Meryl Streep, she is the Greatest!!!

    Congratulations again, my dear!

    And of course, to us – the STREEPERS, let us continue supporting her. im really grateful for this site. kudos to everybody behind it and more power!