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  March 13th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Another fine example of using your celebrity power to raise word on an important subject matter. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Hollywood support is growing to overturn the R rating for language that was assigned to Lee Hirsch’s documentary “Bully”. Meryl Streep and her daughter Mamie Gummer will co-host a screening of the film in New York City on March 20, and Johnny Depp has offered his help. The Weinstein Co. releases “Bully”, about the bullying epidemic in the U.S. schools, in theaters March 30. “Bully” has galvanized a national movement, since the very audience it was made for will be restricted in seeing it. Michigan high school student Katy Butler, a victim of bullying, started a petition that has been signed by 300,000 people. On Capitol Hill, more than 20 lawmakers have signed a bipartisan letter to the MPAA urging that the rating be overturned. And on Tuesday, Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand, D-N.Y., tweeted that she too supports lowering the rating to PG-13. It’s unusual to have lawmakers asking that a rating be lowered. I recommend you to watch the trailer on Youtube. Thanks to Glenn for the heads-up!

  • Leandro

    Thanks for advertising this. Where in NYC will the screening be? Can the general public get tickets?

  • Sonja

    I was bullied at school. Not extremly, thank god, but it was a still a hard time. I’m glad it’s over. No one deserves to be bullied because he or she’s just “different”. I’m glad there’s a documentary, thanks to Meryl, Mamie, Johnny and so many others for the fight for the chance to get it the audience it needs.

  • Jeanie

    Thank you Meryl and Mamie for standing up for this. How sad is it that some children have to bear this burden.