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  April 4th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Meryl Streep j4has oined Elton John, Sting and James Taylor for their own special version of The Wizard of Oz at a benefit concert to raise funds for rainforest communities in Central and South America, yesterday. Sting’s wife, Trudie Styler, produced the all-star fund-raiser with the theme Songs from the Silver Screen for The Rainforest Foundation US at New York’s Carnegie Hall. Sting had a surprise hit with the dark theme from comedy series M*A*S*H, Suicide is Painless, while Streep sang When You Wish Upon A Star. Over 100 pictures from the concert have been added to the image library.

Also, there is some speculation at this time that Meryl is in talks to join Stephen Sondheim’s production of “Into the Woods”, playing the Delacorte this summer. Not long ago, a British newspaper interview with Sondheim mentioned that Meryl was a rumored possibility to portray the Witch in the revival. Sondheim didn’t confirm or deny the buzz, but interestingly said, “We will see. I think she’d be great.” That set excited little heads spinning all around town. Meanwhile, a good friend of Meryl was just cast. Amy Adams – who costarred with the multi-Oscar winner in Doubt and Julie and Julia – is going to play the Baker’s Wife. Thanks to Glenn for the heads-up!

  • Nancy

    I just watched Meryl singing “When you wish upon a star” too. She has a lovely voice. So pretty. Amazing actually!!

  • lilian

    Just watched Meryl sing When you wish upon a star on U/TUBE. WHAT A VOICE.

  • Pearl Goodchild

    would love to hear meryl sing the songs keep looking to see if you have a video; im sure she was brilliant as always,

  • Abbie

    Aww she looks so pretty, also hoping for a video! :D

  • Olivia k

    :))))))) wish I could have been there to see it all. Great pics Hope to see some videos soon(:

  • Rose

    I agree with all above….. thanks for posting pics! hope to get video of her songs…. I so wish i could be there singing with her!

  • Rebecca

    She´s looking so great!!!!

  • lindi


  • lindi

    Some really interesting things can happen apparently, I wish upon a star…

  • Jeanie

    Ditto on the video. I want to hear the music!

  • lindi

    So agree with lilian, great iniciative

  • Heather Burdett

    She looks lovely and is so versatile. I should be thrilled if someone could provide a video of Meryl’s three songs.

  • Kilimandzara

    waiting for video, should be great!! and Meryl….:)

  • Jane

    Did she play Dorothy? That’s so cool! Beautiful dress, by the way.

  • liezl

    Re Into the Woods, they say that it’s likely that Donna Murphy will be playing The Witch :( Still hoping that Meryl does some stage plays again

  • amber

    When will there be video.. great pictures.

  • Kim H

    Awesome pics. Lucky Sting! I agree with Lilian……hope we get video of the concert! Thanks (as always) for posting!

  • lilian

    Great pictures of Meryl hope we see a video of her singing .