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  April 7th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Movie censors in America have given movie mogul Harvey Weinstein’s controversial new film Bully a PG-13 rating after he agreed to re-edit it for younger audiences. Bosses at The Motion Picture Association of America initially slapped the documentary with a restrictive R rating, which bans young children from seeing the film without an adult. The Weinstein Company boss argued that Bully was essential viewing for kids as it raised awareness and should be shown in schools.

A host of stars, including Justin Bieber and Meryl Streep, added their names to a petition aimed at making the censors change their minds and Weinstein subsequently announced he would release the movie, unrated, in a limited number of theatres. But he has now decided to re-edit a crucial scene, which featured expletives, to land Bully a PG-13 rating, enabling younger teenagers to see the movie. A statement from the National Association of Theatre Owners reads, “We are pleased the Weinstein Co. respected the rules and processes of the voluntary ratings system by editing and resubmitting Bully in order to receive the PG-13 rating.” The above video is a report from ABC World News on the New York screening that was hosted by Meryl. Many thanks to Rachel for guiding it my way.

  • Emma

    I still wish they hadn’t cut out the scene with obscene language – sometimes it’s those types of scenes that make the most impact. However, I am glad that the rating has been lowered.

    When is the documentary being released?

  • lindi

    Great Weinstein Brother investment, I think creating a conscience in kids and teenagers about bullying and its consecuences it´s absolutely fundamental in their growth and develovment because this phenomenon that it´s growing exponentially in the world, desaster, affecting their minds, changing their concious and conducts, this might be the only way to create some idea to the ones that haven´t undestand it yet, Great, great thing you´re doing, the most strikinkingly famous the people involve participate, the better, to caught the attention, thanks Meryl again