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Steven Spielberg's new film starring Meryl Streep
and Tom Hanks hits US theaters on December 22 2017.
  June 19th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Lots of pictures from yesterday’s Public Theater Gala’s benefit reading of “Romeo & Juliet” have been added to the image library, most of them in high quality.

  • Susan

    Thanks for posting these.She’s so wonderful!!!

  • Tena

    I agree!! These pictures are just stunning!!
    Meryl gets more beautiful with each passing year!
    And I would’ve loved to have seen this very special performance.
    Thanks for posting!!
    This site is awesome!

  • Susan

    ILoveMeryl!!!!!! She is amazing. Many many Thanks for posting these!

  • Rina

    Oh my, she really doesn’t look like turning 63 on the 22nd of June.. she’s always pretty as ever!! :)

  • Pernilla

    She does look Mamma Mia! No wonder she feels young, right there in the centre of attention surrounded by so many men :-)

  • Kaya

    She looks great but not all of that hair is hers, right? Or it just grows really fast :)

  • Heather Burdett

    She is amazing. I read that she “became a 13 year old”. I do so hope that someone will have a video of at least part of it, so we can savour the moment and watch the greatest love story of all time played out by the greatest actress of all time.

  • ronna

    Meryl is just stunning as always…i like her attire,very fitting as Juliet…her hair is so long…is that her real hair?

  • Lauren

    OMG she looks so beautiful in these!! :’) Wish I could have been there <3 Thanks so much for posting these!

  • Jessica

    I love the long hair. Reminds me of her look in Mamma Mia :D

  • Nancy

    Lovely. I wish this could take place more often not just at a gala but for everyone.

  • Anna

    Does anyone know if a video will be released or something? I’d like so much to see her performance!!!

  • Rebecca

    Really nice pictures!

  • Sophie

    YAY! I really like these :-)

  • Mary

    Meryl is beautiful as always. Thanks for posting these!