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  June 27th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Unfortunate news for today. Nora Ephron, the essayist, author and filmmaker who challenged and thrived in the male-dominated worlds of movies and journalism and was loved, respected and feared for her wit, died on Tuesday of leukemia. She was 71. As a screenwriter, Ephron was nominated three times for Academy Awards, for “Silkwood,” “When Harry Met Sally” and “Sleepless in Seattle,” and was the rare woman to write, direct and produce Hollywood movies. Meryl Streep, who starred in thee Ephron classics, “Silkwood” and “Heartburn” (as a writer) and “Julie & Julia,” (as a director) noted that her interests and intellect touched on all subject matters. “Nora just looked at every situation and cocked her head and thought, ‘Hmmmm, how can I make this more fun?’ ” Streep said. “You could call on her for anything: doctors, restaurants, recipes, speeches or just a few jokes, and we all did it, constantly. She was an expert in all the departments of living well.”

  • Sanna

    Oh No! I didn’t even know she was sick:-(
    Rest in Peace Nora <3

  • Victoria

    I was in Los Angeles for the first time when I heard the very sad news… She was and will be an icon in the movie industry.. We will always love you Nora..

  • Alvaro

    So many good people leaving this world…

  • Sonja

    Me too was shocked to hear the news Nora Ephron has died.
    I didn’t even know she was that sick.
    This is really sad. I nearly love all of her movies and she has written some real masterpieces as “Silkwood” and “When Harry met Sally” for sure.
    She seemed like a very vivid and joyous woman. I rember her saying no food in “Julie&Julia” was wasted and the actors complained about eating so much, but they all enjoyed it (except maybe for the poor guy that played Julie/Amy’s husband).
    Thankfully at least her work will live on forever.

    Thanks Nora and RIP

  • Mox

    On Sunday I’ve been watching AFI from 2004 for Meryl, where Nora had also a word, and I wouldn’t say two days later Nora will pass away… I hadn’t really never read from Nora anything, but I saw Julie & Julia and from many interviews I figured out it (is)was an extraordinary human being and her work will never die. Rise in piece, Nora.

  • chloe

    the great Nora Ephron will surely be missed not just by Meryl but also by the appreciative viewing public

  • Cheryl

    So, sad…what a talent! She always had a smile and brought one to all of us!

  • Tena

    Nora Ephron will be greatly missed!!
    Every movie she made was iconic in it’s way!
    The movies that are the most real and touch the most people combine humor and drama, because that is what life is truly like, and no one did it any better than Miss Ephron.
    It’s sad to think that she will never write for Meryl or Meg or any of the other leading ladies again……
    But “Heartburn” will always have a special place in my heart!
    Rest in Peace, Nora Ephron…….

  • lindi

    Her many glories will be remenber and recognized, she´ll always be in our hearts

  • Julia

    This is terribly sad and the news really shocked me when I got it this morning! The world lost a truly remarkable mind.

  • lilian

    Great Screenwriter/ Director R.I.P. NORA .

  • Jessica

    Oh noo! That’s so sad! She was a remarkable woman, and a real groundbreaker within film directing.

  • Sophie

    Nora Ephron was an amazing person. She will be greatly missed, but her work will live on forever. This is a beautiful person of the two of them.

    I used this picture in my blog:

    If this is a problem, please let me know. And if you would do me the honor of reading my blog, I would love that. Thank you so much!

  • ila

    a wonderful woman has gone; thank you Frederick for this homage and great picture that tells everything about meryl and Nora’s friendship

  • Young

    R.I.P. Nora

  • Rebecca

    That is sad. R.I.P.

  • Laura

    Nora Ephron was a brilliant writer; her work left me in stitches everytime because it was so funny. I’m an aspiring writer and Nora was a huge influence – she was one of a kind. She will be missed. And what Meryl said about her is lovely – she always seems to know just what to say.