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  August 11th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Meryl’s full appearance on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” has been added to the image library. I haven’t seen this show before, but it was fun seeing Meryl doint an interview that didn’t feature the standard questions. She talked and joked about her co-stars, reviewed some of her past films and of course promoted “Hope Springs”. This is definately worth a watch. Captures from the interview have been added to the photo gallery as well, check the previews below.

Since “Watch What Happens Live” has been the last talkshow appearance to promote the release of “Hope Springs”, why not rewind her latest appearances – there’s a collection of all “Hope Springs” related talkshows on the sidebar with links to full videos, captures and comments. Enjoy.

  • Laura

    I absolutely loved this interview that she did with Andy Cohen. It was fun to see her in such a different environment where the interview wasn’t so stiff and the same questions were asked of her. She seemed to enjoy herself and she had me laughing the entire time. The Plead the Fifth portion was my favorite, especially her response to a bad movie that she has made. I love that she can be classy, but also have a good time. She is simply the best!

  • Julia

    When will she be on Craig Ferguson’s show! That would be epic!

  • Georgia

    I’m so glad that allllll the videos are here of the promotions that were done for Hope Springs. I tried to record them, but realized that I couldn’t keep them forever knowing I can’t copy them from my DVR! So, thank you, so much for posting all of them here! The opening days numbers look very good for the film and I’m so hopeful that it does well at the box office. Plan to see the film maybe tomorrow! In the meantime, thank you again for all the postings…they are great!

  • Laura

    It’s insane that he asked MERYL STREEP some of those questions. It’s like asking the Queen who she’d wanna ‘shag’… Don’t mess with the Queen of Acting! However, it’s great to see Meryl in another interview! She is just so gracious and such a good sport for enduring that weird interview.

    And I want to play the Meryl Streep drinking game…with Meryl Streep…

  • Dee

    Love, Love, Loved this interview. She is one of those people that’d be great fun to sit and have a drink with! She cracked me up and surprised even Andy Cohen with her honesty and playfulness! Great fun!

  • Eunice Pais

    Poor hand…Get better Meryl!
    Waiting to see Great Hope SPRINGS!!
    Great pictures taken! :)