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Steven Spielberg's new film starring Meryl Streep
and Tom Hanks hits US theaters on December 22 2017.
  September 5th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Yesterday, Meryl has attended the New York screening of Fred Schepisi’s new film “The Eye of the Storm”. Streep and Schepisi have done two films in the 1980’s – “Plenty” and “A Cry in the Dark”. Pictures from the screening can be found in the image library.

  • Pearl Goodchild

    HI Meryl hairstyle is great certainly knocks a few years off but you always look stunning anyway. goodluck whatever you do.

  • Sophie

    I think I like her better with longer hair…but ahhh, well, what can you do? I still love Meryl all the same…

  • Rose

    I love your new hair cut, Meryl!! it looks amazing!!! well, she’d look amazing anyways…..

  • Clarisse

    I LOVE HER NEW LOOK!!!,,, shes so beautiful…..everything suits her!

  • isabel

    To me this new hair cut is just the thing , apparently not what was expected was required, you know some may not agree but, to me Meryl doesn´t look any younger at all, she looks just the age she´s supose to look which in her case in the best age, she looks radiant, fresh, happy and full of energy, she looks Great

  • nora

    love the hair! looks fantastic, very fresh!

  • Jeanie

    Meryl looks great in short bouncy hair! Very fresh looking. Wonder if it is due to AOC? The dress probably doesn’t photograph well but is beautiful in person.

  • Christine

    Not a fan of the short hair.Sorry! Even when she had it (that short) in the 90’s,I thought it made her look older. Long and sexy…circa.Mamma Mia. Also smaller glasses. Her eyes get lost in those “Sophia Loren” frames. Still love you Meryl :-)

  • Sean

    Love the hair!

    BUT, I don’t think this will be the A:OC hairdo. Maybe short to fit the wig OR my guess, is short and darkened! All the cast is brunette, so that makes sense.

  • Eileen

    Love your new hair style, Meryl. You look twenty years younger. Go girl!

  • Pernilla

    I like that pink lipstick kiss on her right cheek!! :-)

  • Charlie

    Wow Meryl, your hair! She looks like she did in the early 90s!

    i’m guessing this new cut is for her character Violet..

  • Sonja

    Ah, short hair again.
    I like it. ;)
    And the glasses fit.
    The dress not so much, but there has been worse.

  • isabel

    Meryl looks stunning with that hair cut, I love it, very modern, really suits her and the combination glasses, hair, dress, shoes, wonderful for a woman her age otherwise

    By the way I just sae The eye of the Storm´s trailer looks awesome!!