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Steven Spielberg's new film starring Meryl Streep
and Tom Hanks hits US theaters on December 22 2017.
  September 18th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Additional information by the Daily Herald on Meryl’s appearance at the Charlie Foundation fundraiser this Friday. When Meryl Streep comes to Bloomingdale on Friday, it won’t be for a movie shoot or film promotion. Instead, it will be for something even closer to her heart. The star will come to Hilton Indian Lakes Resort to speak at a charity gala for The Charlie Foundation to Cure Pediatric Epilepsy. The foundation advocates for education about the ketogenic diet, which supporters say can be used to treat epilepsy in children. The high-fat, adequate-protein and low-carbohydrate diet mimics aspects of fasting by forcing the body to burn fats and ketone bodies rather than carbohydrates. The ketones then pass into the brain and replace glucose as an energy source, and these elevated ketone levels reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures. The complete article can be read here. Many thanks to Glenn for the heads-up.

  • Isabel

    I hope this event will go as succesfully as it could go in my opinion, as an epileptic, who´s also has being wrong diagnosed and had to take every pill ever invented for this desease and have been submitted to two brain surjeries because there was no other solution for me, my wish is that every epileptic, every person involved in this painful journey get to know about the ketogenic diet and all the posible alternatives for the fight of epilepsy, that´s my wish because after my experience now, I have a much better quality of life but my I´m seizures free but my journey has been very painful and traumatic