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Steven Spielberg's new film starring Meryl Streep
and Tom Hanks hits US theaters on December 22 2017.
  February 25th, 2013       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

For this year’s Academy Awards, Meryl Streep took the easy route (the backdoor instead of the red carpet), before taking the stage to present the Best Actor Academy Award to Daniel Day-Lewis. So far, over 100 pictures from the show and the press room have been added to the image library, with more to follow. Edit: Additional 70 pictures from the show and press room have been added. A video of Meryl’s presentation and screencaptures will be added as time permits.

  • Jeannette Genese

    thanks for posting those wonderful pics… i really waited for this event to see meryl again…. Oh my gosh Meryl you’re so gorgeous…

  • Tena

    As always….. Meryl looked Gorgeous!
    I wish she would’ve done the whole thing; Red Carpet, Audience, Parties, but I’ll take what I can get!
    And her Dress, her Hair, her Makeup, all Perfection!
    Thanks for all the Great Pictures!!
    Here’s hoping for MORE next time around!!

  • Laura

    Meryl looked stunning! I stayed up so late watching The Oscars live here in the UK! So worth it to see Meryl finally! I love her and DDL in the pictures, so cute; they NEED to make a movie together. Like now.
    Roll on ‘August: Osage County’ – just read the script of the play for one of my university modules and it’s AHH-MAAAA-ZING. She’s going to blow us away (as always) with her performance as Violet. Can’t wait…
    Thanks for you brilliant coverage Frederik; us ‘Streepers’ know we can count on you!

  • Tama

    Missed seeing Meryl on the carpet and in the audience. She is in a league all her own. There are many good actresses, but not one of them is as consistently excellent as Meryl is. Love you, Meryl.

  • Pearl Goodchild

    the brightest star wasnt on the red carpet missed you Meryl your the best. liked the dress you looked great. Thank you for the pictures and hope to see a video soon.

  • zabrina

    You’re all right! Hoping to see more of her Picture…Can they all be on the same movie .. Meryl as Mom, wife of Daniel day Lewis.. JLaw as their Daughter and Ann Hathaway as half Sister…Powerhouse cast! Directed by Ang Lee and Ben Affleck…an Oscar winning Masterpiece..produced by HW and GC…

    Let’s just all wait for Oscar 2014.. another nod for August Osage County

    Thanks Fred!

  • Roshi

    Meryl and Daniel seem to have sizzling on-screen chemistry just by looking at the photos posted. Wish they could do a film together, I think they would make a great on-screen couple. Meryl’s smile and cheekbones are timeless, they never grow old. She’s nearly 64, what a true beauty!!!!

  • Sandra

    Does anyone know why Meryl Streep was not sitting in the audience? Or did ABC just not show her. I was hoping for a red carpet walk but I know she doesn’t need attention.

  • Natalie

    Once again a magnificent job, by Daniel, Meryl (& the webmaster for posting all this great info & all the fab photos)

  • cecilia

    “Our next presenter needs no introduction!”

  • Pernilla

    Watching a silvery Meryl presenting the award for best actor was a happy reminder of the golden success and her great acceptance speech last year :-) Curious to know if its the same designer that made the golden dress for last year’s Oscars? The two dresses have the same style :-) Was very puzzled over the fact that Meryl was neither on the red carpet nor shown in the audience, now I know why! The red carpet was fun to watch as always, but the biggest sparkle of all was missing! I really hope she will be back there next year :-)

  • Kate

    Meryl looked stunning as always. I would love to see Meryl and Daniel in a film together. It would be very interesting to watch.

  • Jenny

    Meryl, you are gorgeous!
    Love you so much!

  • Saskia

    over a 100 ????????????? man, how did you get hold of so many pictures, i was at least hoping for something like 20 from the stage :-) … thought when she skipped the red carpet, why not also skip the press room :-) ? thankyouuuuuuuuu.

  • Chantal

    Was happy to see Meryl if only for a short time.
    Looks like she went in the back door again instead
    Of the red carpet!

  • Sonja

    She was there!
    I honestly was worried over the last months, because she did not appear at the Globes or BAFTA.
    So glad to see she’s healthy and presented.

    The dress mustr have been from the same designer as her gold dress last year. Well, why not?
    She looked so cute, as always. 8)

  • Rebecca

    Meryl looks simply gorgeous! What a great idea to wear nearly the same dress just in another color! That was perfect.
    Nice to see her again.

  • Mary

    Thank you! Thank you! She is so beautiful!

  • Molly

    Thank you very much! You made a wonderful job as every-time :)
    No videos are available ?