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Steven Spielberg's new film starring Meryl Streep
and Tom Hanks hits US theaters on December 22 2017.
  May 10th, 2013       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

The buzz for the November releasing “August: Osage County” starts earlier than expected. Today, ABC News has launched the film’s theatrical trailer, which you can watch below. Hopefully a HD version will follow the next couple of days.

The trailer’s release comes with a nice summary by Entertainment Weekly. August: Osage County (out Nov. 8) may well become the year’s fanciest movie about a trashy family. It’s based on Tracy Letts’ hours-long, Pulitizer prize-winning play (which we said was, “horrifyingly, deliciously mesmerizing”) and is directed by John Wells from Letts’ adaptation. The cast is stuffed from every angles with talent: Ewan McGregor, Sam Shepard, Abigail Breslin, Juliette Lewis, Chris Cooper, Benedict Cumberbatch, Julia Roberts (as the favorite daughter), and Meryl Streep (as the hated mother). As the film’s first trailer makes clear, Osage County is a Jenga-like drama of family dysfunction, with funerals and divorces piling atop dinner-table conflicts. Roberts is weary. Streep, with a frizz of black hair, has the juiciest role in the play. Edward Sharpe plays in the background.

  • zabrina

    Gird Your Loins!!!! I can smell and feel the Oscars now!!! can’t wait to see on November…:)

  • Marc

    My first thought after watching the trailer: too many well known actors in the movie. From my recollection, this is usually a bad sign, from seeing other movies with alot of heavy weight cast members. I hope I’m wrong. More characters means less screen time for Meryl, which always disappoints me. Like her accent though!

  • Luna

    Do I smell an Oscar?

  • Alvaro

    Violet Weston could be Karen Silkwood’s sister ;-)

  • Eva

    Can’t Wait !!!

  • Emma (EmmaLoveJen on Youtube)

    Looks like another hit! Can’t wait!

  • Gandara

    I don´t want to raise to much my expectations because I don´t wanna be dessapointed, but I do to feel like a nominee performance, the villain/bosy character has alwas suit Meryl, the movies in which she had make an accent has always distinguishes from others. The cast is amazing. No more to say. Can´t wait till November

  • nori

    Great play…can’t wait to see the movie. All characters has each individual part to shine. Would love to see how Meryl and Julia acted their verbal and physical altercations in this film.

  • vidock

    @Saskia: I ‘m not questioning her talent and the quality of her performance in Hope Springs but I found the film had quite a lack of depth in the scenario. I didn’t really like it .

  • ilovemerylstreep

    i cant wait till november its sooooooooooooooooo far away!!!! Hope spring was an excellent film and she was great in it just because she wasnt playing a tight wounded person dosnt mean it was a waste of her talent. she played a women on the verge of a breakdown and devorse she had meltdowns numerous times and you you could just feel her emotions and that love on her eyes i truly beilved that she loved him for 31 years. Omg yes meryl will win an oscer she is brilliant plus she dosnt need anymore awards she is the best in the business and i think everyone knows that she dosnt need that oscer she got three at home please its crowding her space. she is so beautiful arrrgh irs only may are you kidding me they put the trailer out 6 months before the movie seriously are you trying to torture me

  • ilovemerylstreep

    same here i can not wait for this movie im sure meryl will be great as usual.

  • Saskia

    didn´t you like “the last one”? i thought it was especially nice to see her play someone so ordinary and normal and give the character so much depth and humanity … i think both things are a challenge and show her talent equaly: to play extraordinary people and then the people from next door …

  • vidock

    It looks like a great film , matching Meryl’s talent, unlike the last one …

  • Mary

    CANNOT WAIT to see this movie! It is going to be amazing. Love Streep’s accent and she looks unbelievably great in this.

  • Michael S.

    Fasten your seatbelts everyone ! ! ! This is going to be one HELL of a Meryl Go Round ! A mind blowing, hilarious, and spellbinding ride. Meryl is a real gem, truly incomparable!

  • Carl

    I looks amazing! I’m hearing Oscar buzz! For sure, me know that Meryl will be one of the nominees next year, perhaps even the winner?!

  • Laura

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH! Need I say more?

    Cannot wait for November!

  • Saskia

    i LOVE the voice :-). although it seems to be a “darker” sort of story i already had a good laugh just about the voice. “is anyone S´POOOSED to smoke ?” he he :-).

  • Harry

    YES! YES! YES! YES! I am too excited. Meryl looks stunning and mesmerizing. CANNOT wait for this movie. This is the first thing I did this morning, watching the trailer. I cannot get enough of it. I am really hoping this film is amazing in all aspects!

  • Carolina

    Great trailer – Can’t wait to see the movie! I’m seeing Meryl getting her 4th Oscar.