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  August 13th, 2013       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

GoldDerby has posted some surprising details for the 2014 awards season. Two years after winning Best Actress for “The Iron Lady,” Streep has agreed to drop down to the supporting race for her role as Violet, the pill-popping, booze-swilling momma in “August: Osage County,” a Weinstein Company source tells Gold Derby. That means Streep will compete against Oprah as the hooch-guzzling wife of the title star of “The Butler,” which is also a Weinstein flick. Hmmm … what is Harvey thinking? Streep’s move is a shockeroo considering that role won Best Actress at the 2008 Tony Awards when Deanna Dunagan performed it on Broadway. Dunagan beat her costar Amy Morton, who portrayed Violet’s frazzled daughter Barbara. Now Julia Roberts, in the role of Barbara on screen, seems to have a clearer shot at a Best Actress victory without risking a split of “August” votes in that category. Streep’s gracious move may be good news for Roberts, but it’s rotten luck for “August” costar Margo Martindale, who portrays the role of Violet’s sister Mattie, which won the Tony Award for Best Featured (or Supporting) Actress for Rondi Reed on stage. Now past Emmy champ Martindale (“Justified”) must not only face off against Oprah, but Streep, too. Let’s see if they don’t change their mind once award season comes closer. Thanks to Glenn for the heads-up.

  • Saskia

    oh, well – first i thought it a bit silly to move her over to supporting. but … i mean, who really cares ? isn´t it about the performance and not about winning all the prices? everyone should know by now how good she is at what she´s doing. so … i don´t care :-).

  • Page Buoy

    Almost every Best Actress Oscar Meryl didn’t win — Julie & Julia, The Devil Wears Prada, Silkwood, The French Lieutenant’s Woman, Ironweed, Out of Africa, The Bridges of Madison County, and One True Thing (deliberately not including Doubt, Music of the Heart, and Postcards from the Edge here) — she deserved more than or as much as the ultimate winner. Likewise for the Best Supporting Actress Oscars she didn’t win — The Deer Hunter and Adaptation. And this doesn’t even include award-worthy performances she wasn’t even nominated for: Dancing at Lughnasa, The Manchurian Candidate, and The Hours. Personally I didn’t think Viola’s performance in The Help or Sandra’s in The Blind Side were any match to Meryl’s Julia Child or Margaret Thatcher. The point being: Violet Weston is not necessarily feel-good Oscar-bait in the way Princesses Grace & Diana could be; Cate hasn’t been on screen in a while and strong female Woody Allen leads are almost automatic Oscar baits and winners. It isn’t that Meryl isn’t lead or worthy or whatever. It’s that she is such a good loser, and therefore becomes easier to overlook/override. She’ll just come back with an even better performance. The irony being she is so good she almost, unwittingly, nixes herself as the emotional favourite … and loses. Can you imagine this happening in sports?! No, Phelps, Bolt, Federer, you’ve won too many times and can win again, so we’re medalling somebody else this time!! Meryl herself very subtly addressed this matter when she reminded people that she also holds the record for most losses (if non-wins can be deemed losses) — and also through her tacit acknowledgement of Streep-fatigue in her acceptance speech two years ago. My personal preference? That she “leads” and “wins” all the way this year to another BA. If that ain’t happening, I’d rather she got a BSA than none at all. Let’s hope TIFF 2013 rolls the dice in the right direction. Go, Meryl !

  • Rafael Mena

    All I hope is that Meryl compete in the leading role, but if she doesnt iits the same ones big always big

  • Greg

    Violet Weston is the lead role in August, if they make that role a supporting part in the film then they are screwing up the entire movie. This is absolutely atrocious.

  • Manny

    I think nicole kidman, cate blanchet, naomi watts or whoever is not the thing that matters. What is important is the performance of the actor. If meryl’s performance is amazing (as always) she doesnt have to be fear of anything. In 2011 she had to fight against many amazing performances especially Viola in The Help but she still won. So I dont agree that Weinstein drops her down just for her or for the movie to get an Oscar. It sounds desperate. A good movie or a good performance doesnt need an Oscar to prove that it’s good (and Meryl already proved it by nominated for many many times without winning and who cares, she is still the best). In fact to me Nicole, Cate or Naomi are not big deals.

  • Jana

    I think every actor should be nominated in the category they belong, not where chances of winning are higher. First TWC features Meryl as the top star of the movie and then she’s supporting? That’s just silly and I don’t like the way TWC is always pushing so hard for profit. If there is no 4th Oscar for Meryl in 2014 so be it, this is not a horse race…

  • Rafael Mena

    Will Meryl will compete in supporting role or leading role??

  • Page

    If true, this is a tacit acknowledgement (by Meryl?) that even if Meryl’s performance outshines the competition (which it has done at least a dozen times already), it will be hard for Weinstein to get voters to look past Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts (in that order). Julia is unlikely to win and therefore has nothing to lose by staying in the lead category if at all she is nominated. If Meryl wants another Oscar, and deserves it, BSA is where she will get it. So, this is good news after all, … if true.

  • Heather Burdett

    I’m not sure I am very happy about this. For me, in every film she does, Meryl is the star and not a supporting actress. The only thing in its favour is that she might get the chance of a 4th Oscar which seemed to be a bit unlikely the Best Actress category. It will be interesting to see what the critics say at the Toronto Film Festival and what the Academy Voters feel.

  • Nat

    I doubt Meryl has this kind of power. Which category you are nominated in is up to Academy voters and of course, the role itself. People who have screened it, think Roberts is the lead.

  • Sonja

    Well, Meryl’s chances are definitely better to win in supporting again so soon after her third Oscar win than in lead in a very stacked year.
    But actually I think Harvey Weinstein uses these shocking news to grow interest on the film. (as if there wasn’t huge interest already)
    Though now I think everyone will try to watch A:OC at TIFF and try to convince everyone she IS leading, no matter what.
    And after a few won critic awards for best leading actress, Harvey will place her back into lead. Or the Academy will.