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  February 2nd, 2014       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

A new book on Meryl has been released this January, and it deserves a special mention here. “Meryl Streep: Anatomy of an Actor” is written by Karina Longworth, a film critic and journalist based in Los Angeles. Instead of fast forwarding through Meryl’s life, Miss Longworth has picked 10 significant Streep performances and explores each role within its film and its place in Meryl’s career at that time. Highlighted are Linda from “The Deer Hunter”, Joanna Kramer, Sophie, Karen Silkwood, Karen Blixen, Madeline Ashton, Francesca Johnson, Miranda Priestly, Julia Child and Margaret Thatcher. Each chapter is filled with detailed information on the creation of the character as well as many quotes from previous interviews.

What’s remarkable about this book is that, even if you have seen the films a dozen times, you will find new aspects in each performance through Miss Longworth’s analytics. The book also includes bonus pages on Meryl’s work on “Holocaust”, her collaboration with Mike Nichols, and more insightful information on how specific roles and choices have influenced the legacy of her career as we know it today. On top of that, it’s filled with some amazing pictures from behind the scenes. “Meryl Streep: Anatomy of an Actor” is available now and can be ordered through Amazon or directly at Phaidon.

  • Lilian

    Just received my book, it’s great.

  • roscanpunpa

    Lindi Chamberlain and Julia Child, about this bookSister Aloysious Bouvier, I think are essencial to such analisys, but I´m dying to know more

  • Andrew

    I would have added 2 other roles there as well such as Susan in Plenty and Lindy Chamberlain in Cry In The Dark as in my opinion these were 2 of Meryl’s best performances.

  • Frederik

    @ kathryn: It doesn’t feature a new interview with Meryl, but lots of interesting quotes from past ones, so it’s not disappointing ;-)

  • Thais

    Just ordered mine, it sounds like a great read! Thanks for the heads up about this book.

  • kathryn

    Does anyone know if Longworth even met with Meryl or interviewed her regarding the content of this book? If not, that would be disappointing.

  • Sonja

    I’ll order that book asap. Sounds really interesting and intreresting choices of roles, too.
    Half of her Oscar roles plus one she should have been nominated for. Amazing!

  • George Daves

    Bought it a couple of weeks ago. Excellent read! A must have for Streep fans for sure.