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  January 15th, 2015       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Congratulations to Meryl Streep for receiving an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actress for “Into the Woods”. She shares the category with Patricia Arquette for “Boyhood”, Laura Dern for “Wild”, Keira Knightley for “The Imitation Game” and Emma Stone for “Birdman”. This is Meryl’s 19th Academy Award nomination and the fourth as Best Supporting Actress (after “Adaptation”, “The Deer Hunter” and winning for “Kramer vs. Kramer”). The Oscars are handed out on February 22, 2015.

  • Kinka

    OMG, I saw it, finally I saw Into The Woods and the three nominations concerning Into The Woods are just worth it. Amazing musical, It´s only my wish that Into The Woods wins one cathegory, specially Meryl

  • Rebecca

    Wonderful!!! Congratulations!

  • Carolina

    Congratulations!! This is such a great surprise because I really didn’t expect Meryl to be nominated. She deserves this nomination so much!!

  • Heather

    What can I say? She is amazing and everything she does is absolutely amazing, and always so gracious and lovely and amusing. She is wonderful. She thoroughly deserves this nomination and every one that she gets. I really hope she gets a 4th Oscar either this year or for some other future film.

  • Michael S.

    What a joy ! Meryl you are truly an acting god ! So thrilled for you ! Super congratulations.

  • D Nielson

    YAY!!!!! She deserves it.