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  February 23rd, 2015       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

It’s been the day Hollywood has been waiting for. Meryl Streep has attended tonight’s Academy Awards as a nominee for Best Supporting Actress for “Into the Woods”. A first couple of pictures have been added to the image library with much more to come. Edit: Lots of additional pictures are being added as we speak, and many previously added pictures have been replaced with HQs, with many thanks to Lindsey, so make sure to refresh the image pages from time to time.

Image Library – Public Appearances – 2015 – 87th Annual Academy Awards – Arrivals
Image Library – Public Appearances – 2015 – 87th Annual Academy Awards – Show

  • Heather

    I would like her to win a 4th Oscar to equal the record, but I agree with Rebecca, she is what she is and there is no better than that. She is loved and respected by everyone.

  • esti

    Meryl didn’t win the oscar but always win audiences’ heart.
    And the pictures with Eastwood feels like rewatched The Bridges of Madison County in a real life…awesome

  • shetara

    Meryl´s the best and that´s it

  • Sonja

    She looks like the Bosslady she is.
    And she didn’t went home Oscarless this time actually.
    That Lego Oscar is just awesome!

  • Rebecca

    She looks marvelous! Here in Germany we have a word for a woman like her: “Grande Dame”!
    In my opinion she is now the Grande Dame of Hollywood! It doesn´t matter anymore if she wins an award. She is simply there and that is great!