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Mar 27

A whopping ten magazine coverages have been added for this week’s Scan Sunday. All articles cover “Out of Africa” and include reports from the set, and interviews with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. Eight cover stories from the United States, Canada, Belgium and France are featured with some great new pictures (and have a look at France’s Confidence cover, that’s how Photoshop looked in 1986). Many thanks to Fred and Alvaro for their contributions. To launch all latest scans, click any of the previews below. And if you don’t know what to watch over this long Easter weekend, give “Out of Africa” a go.

Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Tele a la Une (France, October 27, 1993)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Le Soir Illustre (France, April 01, 1989)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Film Net 24 (Netherlands, November 1988)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Prime Time Magazine (Canada, February 1987)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Videomania (Canada, August 15, 1986)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Tele Moustique (Belgium, March 27, 1986)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Jeune Cinema (France, March 1986)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Weekend Magazine (Italy, March 1986)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Confidences (France, March 20, 1986)
Photo Gallery – Magazine Scans – Playgirl (USA, January 1986)