Scans from five magazines, ranging from March to September 2012 and coming from the United Kingdom, the USA, Spain, Italy and France, have been added to the image library. Many thanks to Alvaro for guiding them to me. Full list and previews can be found below.

Scans from the three recent magazine articles and interviews have been added to the image library. First, an interview with Meryl in the German edition of In Style, a very nice article by the Hollywood Reporter on the recent success of films with older actors (many thanks to Pam for scanning this), and an interview in the Italian Myself Magazine (many thanks to Simona for the scans). Enjoy the new articles.

Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2012 – Cinema Magazin (Germany, September 2012)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2012 – Film Demnaechst (USA, September 2012)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2012 – Jours de France (Italy, September 2012)

A couple of more vintage magazine scans, this time coming from Germany – and one from France – have been added to the image library with many thanks to Alvaro. Complete list can be found below the previews.

Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1985 – Cinema Magazin (Germany, April 1985)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1985 – Film Demnaechst (Germany, April 1985)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1985 – Jours de France (France, April 1985)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1988 – RTV Magazin (Germany, December 1988)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1990 – Kinohit (Germany, January 1990)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1992 – Kinohit (Germany, December 1992)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 1993 – Kinohit (Germany, November 1993)

Scans from Entertainment Weekly, People Magazine and the Canadian Movie Entertainment Magazine, all covering the theatrical release of “Hope Springs” have been added to the image library. Additionally, a bunch of new scans from the weeks of “The Iron Lady” promotion have been added as well. Big thanks, as always, to Alvaro for sending these in. Full list can be found below the previews. Vintage scans to be added next.

Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2012 – Movie Entertainment (Canada, August 2012)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2012 – People Magazine (USA, August 13, 2012)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2012 – Entertainment Weekly (USA, August 10, 2012)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2012 – Speak Up Magazine (Brasil, April 2012)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2012 – TV Direkt (Germany, April 2012)
Image Library – Magazine Scans – 2012 – Bild der Frau (Germany, February 2012)

Article courtesy USA Today: Of Meryl Streep’s abundance of gifts, one stands out in particular: the ability to laugh at herself. Her left hand is bandaged after an avocado-peeling accident that severed nerves and requires physical therapy. She still can’t believe her kitchen debacle, the confluence of foolhardiness and the wrong knife. “From now on, I’m changing everything. I learn something every day. I do. Six months to a year, it will take to heal,” Streep says ruefully. “I shouldn’t cross against the light, and that’s when you get hit by the bike coming the wrong way. You know it. And you think, how can you tell your children anything when you’re the idiot?”

That’s not the word anyone would use to describe her. Streep is one of the most respected, revered actresses working today, and she won an Oscar, her third, this year for playing Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. Yet Streep, effusive, funny and warm, sounds like a giddy drama school graduate when she talks about her day job. “Oh, my God. I can’t believe they’re still letting me do this!” The complete article can be read here.

Here’s a new interview with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones courtesy AARP Magazine with scans to follow. At first glance, they would seem the unlikeliest of couples. The classically beautiful Meryl Streep was her New Jersey high school’s homecoming queen and always compassionate and willing. Tommy Lee Jones, in contrast, came from rural Texas, where even in youth, his face seemed to mirror his hardscrabble environment, carved with lines like a peach pit. Equally harsh is his taciturn demeanor. Strange bedfellows unless you ask director David Frankel, who cast Streep and Jones as the leads in his upcoming film, Hope Springs, a portrait of a midlife couple grasping to regain their sexual passion. “Tommy’s an extraordinary actor first, but he’s also sexy,” says Frankel. “It was important to have someone play opposite Meryl whom she found really sexy, so you could imagine a sexual history between them that had died.” In fact, Streep, 63, and Jones, 65, have more in common than it appears. Both possess sharp literary intellects. They claim four Oscars between them but cite their offspring as their proudest accomplishment. Married for 34 years to sculptor Don Gummer, Streep has four children, ages 21 to 32. Jones, wed to third wife Dawn since 2001, has a son, age 29, and daughter, 20, from his second marriage. The complete interview can be read here.

Vanity Fair features a wonderful article on the Public Theater’s anniversary by Tony Kushner, accompanied by a stunning photograph of Annie Leibovitz, featuring Meryl, Kevin Kline, Mandy Patinkin, and many more. “For 50 summers, we patrons of the Public Theater’s free Shakespeare in the Park have waited long hours sitting in the grass, inhaling dust from nearby softball or soccer games, fending off importuning hey-nonny-nonny singers, anticipating an evening of marauding raccoons and illusion-shattering helicopters, praying that treacherous New York summer weather doesn’t wash the evening out.

We always come back, because the good nights at the Delacorte have a rare, peculiar magic. Wind stirs the trees, the skies darken, the stage fills with a blending of real and artificial moonlight; then one of our country’s greatest actors, working for sub-minimum, steps forward to speak the best and most beautiful words ever written, revealing aspects of ourselves we never expected to encounter in Central Park. Boundaries dissolve, between actor and audience, self and park, art and nature.

We discover anew how porous boundaries always are. This summer, for the price of a little urban strategy, Sitzfleisch, and faith, we’ll walk into the woods of Central Park to enter… the woods, either Shakespeare’s or Sondheim and Lapine’s, their ersatz forests onstage not a twig more unnatural than the park the stage is nestled in. Gloriously self-invented and self-deceiving, Lily Rabe’s Rosalind will speak, and Donna Murphy’s witch will sing, and our knowledge of what it is to be human will deepen. In this theatrical heart of this communal dream of paradise that’s the heart of the ceaselessly inventing, deluding, magical city surrounding us, our hearts will skip a beat, or momentarily stop, or swell to bursting – and then begin beating anew, pumping through our veins and arteries revivified and richer blood.

Another change has been made to Simply Streep that I had in mind for quite some time now – subsections for international articles. The aim is to provide foreign language articles as well. And to keep a better overview, each country receives its own subcategory. If you have collected non-english articles and would like to share them with the visitors of Simply Streep, please drop me a line. For now, subcategories for Germany, Italy and France have been created – you can already find some (translated) articles, which were kindly contributed by Simona and Soukup. You can find the subcategories on the left in the magazine archive, simply click the flags. Also added to the image library are two French articles from 1983 and 1986, sent in by Alvaro. Enjoy!