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Aug 01

Eight new clips have been added to the video archive. Check the previews and additional information to each video below.

First, the AFI has posted Meryl’s complete speech at Mike Nichols’ Lifetime Achievement Award, so this one has replaced the shortened broadcast version. Then, a clip of Cher winning the Golden Globe in 1984 for “Silkwood”. A profile on the 1986 Academy Awards and “Out of Africa”, including interviews with Klaus Maria Brandauer and Sydney Pollack. A very funny clip from “Sesame Street” and their 1980s character Meryl Sheep! Also, an excerpt of Meryl’s voice work on “King of the Hill” in 1999. Her appearance at the 1995 Golden Golem Film Festival in Prague, where “Sophie’s Choice” was shown. From 1999 comes an interview with Lindy Chamberlain courtesy the “Animal X” series. And finally, a clip of Meryl attending an American Film Institute panel before receiving their 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award. Enjoy the new videos!