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Article courtesy the Daily Mail: Former Tory Party allies of Margaret Thatcher, and a host of political experts, have helped Meryl Streep prepare for her screen portrait of the former prime minister. Rehearsals begin at the end of next week and shooting begins early in February on The Iron Lady, in which the two-time Oscar­winning star will portray one of this country’s most famous leaders. The film will show Lady Thatcher reflecting on her life and the ­triumphs – and defeats – of her career, with her husband Denis, in ghostly form, guiding her. The Falklands War will be one of many major events tackled in the film, which is being directed by Phyllida Lloyd, who worked with Streep in the phenomenally ­successful screen version of the musical Mamma Mia! The actress has made several flying visits to London to view video footage of Lady Thatcher and to listen to her speeches. And she has been briefed by what producers Damian Jones and ­executives at Pathe Films described as ‘a variety of people with ­political insight, who know her (Thatcher’s) world’.

I understand the list includes one of Lady Thatcher’s former Cabinet ministers, plus a couple of former advisers and political writers, but producers are refusing to divulge any names – for now. Unsurprisingly, I’m told Streep’s preparation has been meticulous. ‘It’s going to be a portrait, not an impersonation, although Meryl has worked tirelessly on the prime minister’s speech pattern and delivery,’ someone working on the creative side of the film told me. Casting is now almost complete. Jim Broadbent, as we know, will portray Denis, and Olivia Coleman will be daughter Carol (son Mark will not appear . . . he’ll be heard at the end of a phone, probably after he was found in the desert).

Politicians who appear in and out of Mrs Thatcher’s life will be played by Anthony Head (Geoffrey Howe), Angus Wright (John Nott), Richard E. Grant (Michael ­Heseltine) and Julian Wadham (Francis Pym). Roger Allam will play Thatcher’s image guru Gordon Reece, and Michael Pennington will portray Labour Party leader Michael Foot.