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Chronology: 1979

When „Holocaust“ aired in West Germany on the Third (Regional) Network in January of 1979 (a forum apparently designed to lessen its impact), viewer response was little short of stunning. According to German polls intended to measure audience reaction before, immediately after, and several months after „Holocaust“ appeared, this single television event had a significant effect on West Germans’ understanding of this episode in the history of their country. Despite strong opposition to the broadcast before it aired, some 15 million West Germans – roughly half the adult population – tuned in. For Meryl, who later recalled having a miserable time filming the series in Austria, the year was another turning point in her still young career. She starred in three theatrically released films – „The Seduction of Joe Tynan“, „Manhattan“ and „Kramer vs. Kramer“. The latter hit a nerve with audiences and critics, who praised its frank look at separation and navigating a divorce. On the polar opposite of the film’s spectrum, Meryl Streep married sculptor Don Gummer and had her first child, a son named Henry.

December 19, 1979
April 25, 1979
February 22, 1979 - April 01, 1979