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Earplay: Stuffings

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Release date: August 19, 1978
Directed by: Dan Freudenbercer
Literature: James Prideaux
Produced by: The Radio Drama Production Centre for APR
Running time: 30 minutes

An American comedy which asks the romantic question: would you marry a taxidermist? George (Russell Horton) is engaged to one and he comes to the workshop to tell Gladys (Meryl Streep) that it's either marriage or stuffing carcasses. But he has ruined a very special day, because Gladys and her boss (Len Cariou) have got hold of every taxidermist's dream - a moose head.

Len Cariou (Edgar), Meryl Streep (Gladys), Russell Horton (George)

Earplay was the longest-running of the formal series of radio drama anthologies on National Public Radio, heard from 1972 into the 1990s. It approached radio drama as an art form with scripts written by such leading playwrights as Edward Albee, Arthur Kopit, Archibald MacLeish and David Mamet. In her only radio play to date, Meryl Streep participated in the James Prideaux play “Stuffings”, which was broadcast by BBC Radio in the United Kingdom on August 19, 1978 and on NPR Playhouse in the United States on February 02, 1979.