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Steven Spielberg's new film starring Meryl Streep
and Tom Hanks hits US theaters on December 22 2017.
  January 30th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

More pictures from yesterday’s 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards have been added to the image library, click the links to check all recent additions from the red carpet and the show. Then, the segment of Meryl presenting the In Memoriam tribute, as well as the Outstanding Female Actor category can be found in the video archive.

  • yves

    mostly..when u win the golden globe.. u win the oscars!

  • Susanna

    I think, there’s another acress, who can win the Oscar unfortunately – Glenn Close, for “Albert Nobbs”… She has been nominated 6 times, but she’s never got it. Now she plays a woman who pretend to be a man. This might be a good role. Anyway I’v seen only trailers and it doesn’t seems to be “a role of a lifetime” to me, compared to Meryl’s Iron Lady.
    I’d really like Meryl to win, and i think Viola Davis is also breathtaking.

    P.S. Sorry for my english, it’s not perfect, because it’s not my first language :)

  • Gustavo Santos de Araújo

    ”I have a strong feeling that she’s gonna win the Oscar. Marion Cotillard didn’t win the Sag but she took home the Oscar!”

    Yes, I agree! Hilary Swank in ”Boys don’t cry” didn’t win too.!

    This Sag was sad in Outstanding Female Actor category…Was not fair! With no doubt Meryl was the best..
    She’s gonna win the Oscar and Bafta
    I would like to know, actually in USA, what do they talking about Meryl’s chances at the Oscar….Anyone can tell me?

  • MB Mary

    I do hope this is not an indication of what is to happen at the Oscars. Viola is indeed fabulous, but Hollywood has now taken Meryl Streep and her incredible performances for granted with multiple nominations and but no WIN. This role should be the year that Meryl triumphs…..

  • Jane

    I think you’re right Alice, Meryl’s performance is outstanding and she deserves to win as much as Viola does, and also I think Viola will sooner or later win an Oscar but for Meryl it seems to be harder than for anyone else and a role like Iron Lady might not come again so soon.
    But as you said, it’s not really about who’s best, if it was Meryl would have at least 6 Oscars on her shelf already.
    However, Meryl always sais it’s absurd to compare these performances and it is! If she’s happy for Viola to win we should be, too.

  • Riduan

    I’ve just watched a clip from The Help and Viola is breathtaking and I have to say I would be happy if Viola wins the Oscar.

  • Wendy

    She looks amazing :) And I still think that Meryl win the Oscar.

  • Alice

    Of course Viola would be a better person to win against Meryl than most other actresses, but still…
    After all it’s about the best perfomance and not about who would benefit more from a win, profesionally. Also, believe me, the awards that she won already and the Oscar nomination alone would get Viola plenty of movies in the future.
    I personally don’t see the Oscar merely as a big step towards getting more money/movies or as something that should be given to people on the basis that it would be their dream come true. It’s an reward for outstanding actors and I think if everyone who gets a vote would just forget about who these people are in real life, forget their names, what they know about them, the honors that they have already gotten, whether they identify with them as a person and whatever they have heard them say, it would probably be Meryl.
    But unfortunetely that’s not how this works is it?

  • Sonja

    I’d be happy if Viola would take Oscar, honestly.
    Of course I’d love to see Meryl winning again, she deserves it, no question.
    But would it be sad if she’d lost against Viola? No.
    What would change for Meryl if she’d win? Nothing really.
    Would she earn more money? Be more popular?
    She already has that. Meryl would only enter the elite group of three time winners, no more, no less.
    But a win for Viola would change EVERYTHING. Meryl adores and respects her. She wanted Viola to get a movie and she got her wish.
    Nothing really would make me happier to see her at least loosing against someone who clearly deserved it.

  • Heather

    I think she is beautiful and radiates love and joy. To me, she is a winner in every area of her life – acting, personality, and beauty.

  • Riduan

    I have a strong feeling that she’s gonna win the Oscar. Marion Cotillard didn’t win the Sag but she took home the Oscar!

  • Jeanie

    Meryl looks stunningly beautiful in these SAG photos. And yes, I believe she and Viola have a mutual admiration society. I really want Meryl to win the Oscar and I agree it seems like the two of them are neck and neck. Now the year that Meryl was up for Doubt, Kate Winslet won the Golden Globe, Meryl won SAG and then Kate won the Oscar. So how can SAG be a predictor for the Oscar? Confusing to me. And wasn’t there one time in history where there was a tie for the Oscar and two actors won? I wonder what the rules are for that?

  • Marija

    Meryl was beautiful as always.. bus she should’ve won she is much better than viola..but still i hope she wins at the Oscars ! I just love her <3

  • Amanda

    She looks grogeous! I still think she can win the oscar! and the bafta(;.

  • Lisa Streep

    Awh, look she is so happy for Viola :)

  • Jessica(SWE)

    I love watching Meryl’s reaction when Viola’s name is called. And I also have to say that I love Viola’s dress! So gorgeous! It was so sweet that she mentioned Meryl in her acceptance speech. You can really sense that they genuinly like each other. And although I think Viola is a strong contender, I still hope that Meryl has a chance on the Oscar. It’s loong overdue!

  • Rebecca

    I´m really sad that she didn´t win the Sag. But my hope is that she might win the Bafta.
    I think the Oscar race is now tighter between Meryl and Viola Davis. Now it´s really exciting. And I still think she can win the Oscar.
    And she looked gorgeous!

  • Rebecca

    Meryl is still the winner in my eyes!!!!

  • marja

    she looks beautiful