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Steven Spielberg's new film starring Meryl Streep
and Tom Hanks hits US theaters on December 22 2017.
  February 28th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

The full Best Actress segment in best quality has been added to the video archive. Thanks to everybody who has contacted me and offered help, especially Filip, it’s been very appreciated!

Then, many additional video clips from the Academy Awards have been added to the video archive, including her words on the Thank You cam, the press room and a dozen of after-party interviews from Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, and more. Enjoy!

  • Poseidon

    CONGRATULATIONS to Goddess MERYL! (and to super site SimplyStreep for the very good job all that time). All Meryl’s work is a Masterpiece! She deserve that 3rd many many years before and should win the 4rth now for her amazing work on “The Iron Lady”.
    And if she thinks that “…half America says: Oh Nooo” that night, be sure that all around the World we say and shout) a big: Yeeeeeessss! ;-)) Kisses from Greece to all Streepers (happy for the “good luck” my country has give to Meryl by Colin Firth’s memories about “Mamma Mia” (We were in Greece etc ;-) LOVE you MERYL!

  • lcm

    But Whatever…. best line of the night!!! A diva but she’s just so humble and so smart! Her speech was just perfect, she thanks her hubby and her makeup hairdresser for the last 30 years, and then she was emotional seeing her career in front of her eyes! What a Lady! For me she’s the greatest and she deserved this 3rd big O! I can’t understand that on some web sites we can read that Viola D was robbed!!

    Miss Davis is a great actress, but first of all regarding THE HELP, it was an ensemble cast! So quite honestly I don’t understand why she was in the leading category (a great role, yes, but not a leading one), and then Viola just won the Critic choice and the SAG, on the other hand Queen Meryl won the NY Critic (and some others), the Drama GG, the Australian award (don’t remember the name, sorry!) and the BAFTA (and I don’t forget the Kennedy Center Honor and the Golden Bear in Berlin)!
    It was her year, I’m not surprised that she finally won her 3rd Oscar!!! She desreved it, because she gave us a stellar performance as Thatcher, and because we’re waiting this for 29 years!!
    And when she said that she understand that she will never be on that stage again, please Meryl stop!!! I’m pretty sure that one day you’ll win your 4th (I hope for August : Osage County), and I’ll be overjoyed like I was last sunday! It was a fantastic surprise! I finally saw Queen M win an Oscar live (I’m 34, so I was 5 when she last won for Sophie’s Choice), just amazing!!!

  • gemma macatangay

    she won golden globes, bafta, aacta, movies for grownups awards, new york critics awards, berlin golden bear and so on all in one after this movie she got all the awards this year and finally the long overdue oscar!!!!!!!

  • Lilly

    Jake, I think you mean Kevin Huvane, her agent. If you’re talking about the guy who sat next to Sandra Bullock and kept shouting Meryl’s name when she won, it’s him.

  • Piotr

    I knew it! As soon as the premiere of “Iron Lady” in Poland! I knew it! You’re the best! Not really like the movie, but I love Meryl Streep!

  • AK

    I love the fact that when Meryl won this year the Golden Globes, Bafta and now the Oscars, it was Colin Firth who presentet in all of them! ♥

  • Maria

    No Streep- fatigue- it´s time for MERYL- MANIA :-)))
    I like her sense of humor, her intelligence, her warmth and her humility! Thank you Ms Streep for being such a great rolemodel!
    Best wishes from Austria!

  • Jake

    That was probably the biggest applause/standing ovation that I’ve seen at the Oscars. You could literally hear a couple of people screaming “yeah” in the background as she walked to the stage… does anyone know who the guy screaming was?

  • George

    Thank you Frederic for all the updates from the Oscar festivities. Really appreciate it. And yes, Meryl very much deserved the award contrary to what others are saying – I’ve seen both movies and Viola Davis’ role can be done by any good actress, but Meryl’s Thatcher can only be done by a great and intelligent actress. She truly deserved the award!

  • lindi

    I´m so touched by the way she adressed to her husband, Don she was so sweet and right in what she said about her priorities in life really sweet and right perfect timming to say it aswell

  • Jeanie

    I am just so happy I have to commune with you all again. That was so sweet for her to acknowledge Don first and the way he responded, by putting his hand over his heart. They are such a dear couple. This is such a long time coming. To think about all the Oscar-worthy performances that she has given over the last 29 years without an Oscar is maddening. Now finally she is acknowledged. She is one of only three actresses who have won three or more Oscars, the other two being Ingrid Bergman and Katharine Hepburn. I can live with that if she never gets another one, but I really don’t want to. Am I being selfish on her behalf? Maybe. But really, what did those other two accomplish that she hasn’t already or couldn’t in the future? If I was her or her agent, I would at this point, be very very selective on what she does. Her talent shouldn’t be wasted on anything that isn’t top notch. Just my opinion. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Frederic. He has done just an over-the-top outstanding job. I don’t know how he can out-do himself, but I’m sure he will and that we will all enjoy it! Thank you Frederic.

  • Lily V.

    Watching Meryl win the Oscar is something that I’ll always treasure and remember. I hope that I get to experience that joy again. I think that I was waaaaay more nervous than her, she seems so unaffected by it all. I wanted her to win so much, but I never thought of how I’d react if she did win. When they called her name there was a split second of me being surprised, then I was in shock that I watched Meryl Streep, the best actor of all time, win an Oscar. I keep thinking about “and the winner is….” and think about how I reacted and I get excited all over again!! Meryl is the best and deserves every award that she has ever gotten along with many that she hasn’t gotten. Hope to see her there again soon.


    Thank you for wonderful videos and Meryl’s fabulous speech!

  • Manon

    Is it just me or had she hit the bar already? She sounds a little be drunk to me already but that always makes her even cuter.

    Meryl, you’re just the best
    and thanks for uploading all the videos. great work!

  • Andreas

    Can you upload Roy Helland’s win for best makeup? Meryl loves him so much. I’m so glad –and amazed– that both Meryl & Roy won Oscars on the same night!

  • Zuzanna

    I am so proud of her, she is the goddess.
    I love her, simply.
    Greetings from Poland!

  • nora
  • Anna

    Well I do hope Meryl reads these comments as well as “negative” blogs!

  • Anika

    german greetings to the gorgeous Meryl Streep..I love u!!!

  • Darla

    After my friends and I saw “The Iron Lady” we all agreed that if Meryl didn’t win the Oscar they might as well shut it down. So it has come to pass and I am soooo happy and delighted that she has received this recognition and praise. She is absolutely the best ever and I look forward to everything she does. God Bless.

  • ferra

    what a great oscar ceremony !!! i’m so happy for meryl i screamed so loud when i hear her name it was amazing and the speech was very touching i love the things she said to her husband i almost cry… this is so exciting because she so deserved this award, amazing woman and please meryl dont you read those bad blogs you really should read this great comments of all the people who loves you so much… i admire and love you forever …. love from mexico

  • Saskia

    it makes me go all teary when I read that people all around the world stayed up all night to see her win the oscar and jumped and screamed and cried and everything … just like me :-). it warms my heart that there is so much love for this lovely person :-)