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  March 11th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

As reported earlier, Meryl Streep was in New York City today for Newsweek and The Daily Beast’s third annual Women in the World Summit. Housed at Lincoln Center, the three-day event spotlights the urgent challenges facing women today, from forced marriage to the economic crisis to the Arab spring. The full speech has been added to the video archive and a bunch of pictures can be found in the image library. Pictures are © Marc Bryan-Brown.

In summit’s final act before Secretary of State Hillary Clinton closed out the third annual weekend’s events, Meryl Streep took to the stage to praise the women in the room and the panelists’ many achievements. She went on to compare herself – “as every woman my age has done” – to Clinton, who shares so many attributes with the film star: they both were raised in middle-class families by big-hearted mothers who encouraged them to lead interesting lives. They both went to public schools and on to prestigious all-women colleges, then Yale. “But while I became a cheerleader, Hillary became the president of her class,” Streep joked. “And there, the two paths in the woods diverged.” Streep held up her Oscar to illustrate what actresses receive for playing parts well, but, she said, “Hillary is the real deal.” When Clinton emerged onto the stage, the women shared a long embrace – sisters at the top of their fields, inspiring other women of all ages to aspire to the same.

  • Tania

    Meryl tribute youtube video to Hillary has more than 64,500 hits!Thank you Meryl, I love you and I adore Hillary!

  • Laura

    Meryl is my favorite actress and Hillary the best leader ever! Please Meryl play Hillary’s super interesting life in a movie.You both together make this world a better place each day.God bless you both my 2 heroes

  • Laura

    Thank you Meryl for your tribute to Hillary.She’s the most extraordinary leader of all times and you are the best actress ever.It really was a treat having you both together.Please make a movie about her very incredible life and show how beautiful her heart is. god bless you both my 2 heroes!

  • brandz

    Meryl showing her awesomeness again!

  • Debbie

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…Meryl Streep is AWESOME!

  • Rose

    Total best part of my day. She is so inspiring and smart. I swear i have seen every interview on this website. I love her!!! I am listening to the Mamma Mia soundtrack right now!!!!!!!Great speech. such a good role model. Will forever and always be mine. I LOVE YOU MERYL!!!

  • Donna

    I am truly inspired by Meryl, her career, and charity work. I am glad to see her and Hillary together, as I am from Little Rock, AR !! So proud of her for winning for the Iron Lady on my birthday !! Go Meryl !

  • Mandy

    The more I listen to you, the more I love you.

    Glad to see Meryl and Hillary together again :)

  • Qianping Lu

    she is interesting and funny ! All the Best!!!

  • Caroline

    God, I love this woman!

  • Rebecca

    “Never never never give up”- This motivates me too, not to give up in what I´m currently doing!

  • Sonja

    Classy speech, as always.
    Ahaha, she shows her Oscar!
    She’s really really proud to have won for playing such an iconic woman, loved or not. But Margaret Thatcher has done something, despite how you see it and Meryl knows that, even though she has not agreed with many of Thatcher’s politics herself.
    The fight for women’s right goes on and all of us can be proud Meryl is one of theses warriors. She’s not a politician, but an actress with powerful female leading roles that definitely will becoming an important part in culture and history that might change the world a little more.

  • Denise

    Meryl is such an inspiration!
    I love everything she is doing and you can really see that she really means what she says! She does everything with all her heart and then of course it’s no wonder that she is the best actress not only of her generation!
    She is just a character and so down to earth and still just “Meryl”!
    I’m so happy and thoughed that she spends her money and her time for
    “Women in the World” and other projects like that.
    And just as she said: “Never never never give up”. That makes me go on in life and makes me not giving up.
    Thank you Meryl, I love you for being just YOU! <3

  • Rebecca

    I like this Jacket!

  • Stefanie

    Really, really great Speech. Love it :)

  • Kim Hammond

    Definitely the highlight of my day. Meryl’s amazing presence and humility never ceases to amaze me. She provides inspiration via her work and the causes she supports. I loved how she exited stage left…..realized it should have been stage right…and just skipped off stage in the grace that is Meryl. She warms the heart and soul with her wit and charm. Today….I was prouder then ever to be a girl!

  • liezl

    Stayed up until 3am to watch the livestream and it was worth it, Meryl’s tribute and her Oscars (lol), HRC’s speech and Meryl and Tina dancing to Aretha Franklin’s RESPECT. Long live Women in the World! Hope they continue to inspire people to act and find solutions to the problems of girls and women around the world. Belated International Women’s Day!!

  • Nancy

    WOW!! Meryl is truly inspiring. She is a great speaker and I’m also glad she brought her Oscar. I have three daughters in their 20″s . I forwarded the Women in the World link to them so they can see Meryl and Hilary and all the other speakers. I know they will be inspired.

  • Kilimandzara

    Just Meryl..! Funny and smart. Her sincerity, candidness..Speach was great!!!

  • nora

    So inspiaring!!! Love the jacket joke (my first thought really was “what the heck is she wearing” hahah)

  • Rebecca

    Good speech!

  • Lily V.

    That was an amazing, perfect speech. I was clapping and smiling throughout. Meryl manages to perfectly and articulately discuss what is so important, but do it in a way that causes people to pay attention and not be bitter. So many interesting points and stories she brought up. I love what she did at the end, holding up her Oscar. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Meryl. She’s simply the best!!

  • meliweb

    Smart, interesting and funny ! True Meryl as always… Really great speach. 17’05 : “It is not a simple job to be a role model”… ;-)