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Steven Spielberg's new film starring Meryl Streep
and Tom Hanks hits US theaters on December 22 2017.
  August 7th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Meryl has attended the “Hope Springs” premiere in New York, yesterday, alongside director David Frankel and co-stars Tommy Lee Jones and Steve Carell. Pictures from the premiere can be found in the image library. Edit: Hundreds of additional pictures from the premiere have been added.

  • Chloe

    Naww poor Meryl sliced her hand open while filming :(. She looks lovely, though! :) <3

  • Georgia

    I saw Meryl and Tommy Lee on GMA this morning, when she reached up to push her hair out of the way (like she often does!). I saw the bandaged hand then. What did she do to it?

  • Rebecca

    What can I say? She looks gorgeous. Can´t wait until September!

  • Tena

    As always….. Meryl looks Lovely!!
    Just How We Always Want to See Her: That Gorgeous Perfect Beautiful Face, Wearing a Pretty Dress and Surrounded by Handsome Men!!!
    And How Cute is She?…….. Hiding Her Bandaged Hand in Her Dress Pocket!
    I’ll be there on Opening Night on Wednesday!!

  • charlie

    Looking lovely. That outfit looks similar to what she wore at the London premiere of Mamma Mia!

    So cute how she hides her injured hand as well!