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  September 18th, 2012       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Three new clips have been added to the video archive. The first is 1991 report to promote the theatrical release of “Postcards from the Edge”, featuring interviews with Meryl and Shirley MacLaine. The second clip is a profile on Meryl’s career by CBS Sunday Morning and the releases of “One True Thing” and “Dancing at Lughnasa” (including footage from the Telluride Film Festival as well). In the third video interview, Meryl talks about “Music of the Heart”, her preparation and the making of the film. Enjoy.

  • Isabel

    @Rose Thanks for your interesting comment

  • Rose

    Thank you for these videos. I agree, Meryl is a wonderful mother,
    and she portrays mothers (and daughters) with mind-boggling accuracy and skill. She has raised her children in the fame spotlight, and she has done an amzing job of keeping the press and photographers away from her children. Mamie, Gracie, Louisa and Henry have grown up with a gem of a mother, and I can only pray that they are as good as parents to their children as Meryl was to them.

  • Isabel

    Thank you very much for this lovely videos, very enlightening the fact that Meryl which is a mother and that we´ve seen so many times playing this very role but in different circunstances(at Dancing in Lughnasa she wasn´t the mother, but the behavior of her character tends to look like the mother). Now in the second video we saw her telling the interviewer that she wanted to play the role of a mother precisely to show how a mother is, which make perfect sence since she is one and she has such a great mother figure from her´s. Over the years one was drawn to conclude in this because of all the times we´ve seen her playing mother, precisely in the 3 videos. In the first, she was the daughter in the movie that was been spoken of, but since she was already a mother, she symphatizes with the role of her mother embodied by Shirley Maclaine. And in the third video she talks about Music of the heart, again another wonderful mother. By the way I truly think all the movies spoken off in this videos are extraordinaries: Postcards of the Edge, One True Thing(cutting edge), Dancing at Lughnasa and Music of The Heart are really remarcable