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  February 18th, 2013       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Another batch of pictures have been added. Since there aren’t as many from the earlier years than from the more recent, three years have been combined – 2000 to 2002. Updates include Meryl’s appearances at the Golden Globes, SAG Awards and Academy Awards for “Music of the Heart”, screencaptures of her hosting job (alongside Liam Neeson) at the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize Concert and the 2002 promotion for “Adaptation” and “The Hours”. Two more updates, covering the 1990s and 1980s, will follow this week. To view all last added pictures, simply click one of the previews below.

Appearances – 2002 – Last uploaded pictures
Appearances – 2001 – Last uploaded pictures
Appearances – 2000 – Last uploaded pictures

  • zabrina

    I Agree! Thanks Fred! More to come!

  • Sonja

    Wow, Frederik!

    I thank you so much for all the hard work of this side and uploading this mass of pictures.

    It’s really interesting how Meryl looked trough the years and her “style” of fashion.
    No seriously, I respect her even more not be some kind of fashion-doll. She wears what she wants to.
    Plus, I she just looks gorgeous in every picture. What a classy lady.