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  February 19th, 2014       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Many thanks to Beatrice for bringing this to my attention: During her visit in France to promote “August: Osage County”, Meryl Streep attended the French television show 20h Week-End to talk about the film and the Oscars. It’s a pretty bumpy interview, maybe because of its editing and the translation – and I still don’t understand the lenghty Maria Callas clip. But see for yourself. The full interview can be watched in the video archive. Captures have been added to the image library.

  • Leandro

    What a wonderful interview! It’s so refreshing to see Meryl being asked truly intelligent questions. Bringing up Callas and playing that clip for her to comment on Callas’s artistry was an exquisite way to honor Meryl. I only wish talk-show hosts in US media were able to treat Meryl (and us as an audience) to such an intelligent, thoughtful kind of conversation. The questions they tossed up are so trivial and mindless one even wonders why they even bother to interview artists of Meryl’s stature. Kudos to French TV for still having this kind of talk shows.

  • Kevin

    Ms. Streep looks absolutely stunning. So beautiful !

  • vidock

    A great interview though (or because ) they didn’t speak much about the film. So the presenter asked various questions about her vision of the profession of acting and the world of art. Very refreshing interview.
    As for the Callas part, they played it because they knew she was Meryl’s favourite singer and they asked her why she is so touched when she listens to her.

  • Eva

    Maria Callas was an icon for Meryl, this is why they showed the clip :)

    Meryl said: « C’est la plus grande artiste du XXe siècle. La plus grande, en tous les cas pour moi. Elle a quelque chose de divin. C’est de la musique, et la musique transcende«

  • Nicolas

    Hello I’m French and watched it sunday night, the Maria Callas Clip was there because the interviewer wanted Meryl to talk about women’s work in general and then her admiration of Callas

  • Lucy Albers

    Does that mean she was in Paris this weekend?! I’m studying abroad in France and would love nothing more than to see Meryl Streep in Paris.