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  March 3rd, 2014       Posted by Frederik       Display Comments

Lots of additional pictures from yesterday’s Academy Awards have been added to the image library. This has been a fun ceremony, giving us Meryl dancing with Pharrell Williams, breaking Twitter records and eating pizza while Brad Pitt plays waiter – not bad for an Oscar broadcast. Check out the pictures from the red carpet and the show, with clips coming next.

  • Rebecca

    She looked great! When I saw her on TV, I had the impression that she was relaxed and enjoyed the Oscars.

  • Emma

    Looks like she had a great night! Meryl and Don are so sweet together!

  • D Nielson

    She looked great!!

  • meryltear

    this night was perfect and i didn´t care that she didn´t win :-). they should let allen be the host like ALWAYS.

  • Sonja

    She had a great GREAT night. Three Oscars at home, but this time she had pizza for free with the plates served by Brad Pitt, danced with Pharell Williams (shoulder action!) and created that historical Oscar-selfie. (with J-Law eagerly hopping on her lap!)
    She was a true winner that night, even without (another) trophy. 8)

  • ems

    I thought Meryl looked flawless last night, simply beautiful. All the moments with her in the show made up for the fact she did not win and the photo with Ellen and the rest was just pure gold.